This 8lt capacity Hobby Life plastic storage box is great for storing smaller bits and bobs.
You don’t like how your outdoor space is organized and feel like all those items and appliances scattered around take up a lot of space which you could use better? Outdoor storage boxes are perfect for both organizing your tools and freeing up space for other tools or activities. Depending on its size and shape, the storage box can be used for storing chairs, tables, bikes as well as different children’s toys. Plastic storage boxes are very practical and these are actually the cheapest model available on the market. These cases benefit from top quality construction with steel pin hinges, reinforced lids and sides plus moulded-in locking clasps and side handles for security and easy handling. It comes with a brilliant clip on lid, which is kept securely in place by two clips at either end of the box. We measure them as accurately as we can, but they an approximation, and are there only to act as a guide. This item is now a non-stock line, however this product is held at the factory in Germany.

It is also perfect for any type of equipment, from picnic items and garden tools to car and pool accessories. They are specifically designed to keep all your valuable appliances protected from any kind of outdoor influences. Our Structural Foam Pro-Tuff Bins are among the toughest in the market and are Exclusive to Solent Plastics in the UK.
Boxes are generally moulded to stack and nest and most will taper towards the bottom of the box.
Therefore, this item may take 3-4 weeks until delivery, sometimes sooner depending on availability. If that is your case, then this item is the perfect solution for you; it is very convenient and practical to use as it provides a perfect storage space for all your garden or backyard necessities. Today there are different sizes of storage boxes available which can come in very handy in your everyday life, providing you with various storing options.
Outdoor storage boxes are definitely the ideal option when it comes to providing protection for all your valuable items keeping them dry and safe no matter the weather conditions. These boxes come with an adjustable lid and practical wheels and handles for easy transport – the perfect storage solution for your patio shed or garage.

They are available in the traditional, open door model and with roll-top shutters, the latter being designed for smaller spaces.
The internal measurements are the minimum measurements from the bottom of the box, and not always a true reflection of the box volume.
They are also available in many different styles and materials which makes them a great addition to your garden furniture, suitable for a number of uses. There are lockable models which are ideal for providing additional protection and security. The external measurements are the maximum measurements of the box, so you can see if the box will fit in a particular space. If you are storing a particular item, we would strongly recommend that you contact us first so we can assist you in making the right choice.

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