Meter base (furnished by Irwin EMC) must be located approximately 5 feet above the ground (4 feet minimum -- 6 feet maximum).
A conduit riser to the weather head must be sized to provide 40% or less fill as per NEC Code and structural strength to support service drop conductors. Wooden backboard must be large enough to extend 4” minimum beyond all enclosures in every direction. IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! I am wiring up a new external service disconnect (200 Amp pass through with 8 breaker slots) and have a few questions. For the ground wire, do you use the bus inside of the disconnect or the external lug that can be attached to the case? There is going to be a GFCI plug wired up just under the panel with the wiring run inside of conduit. It has 220 feed in from the bottom, all white wires, and a fourth white going to the ground post outside. Right now, I'm trying to figure out the best way to add more switches and outlets, to hold me over till I can afford the new underground cable installed. If you made your electrician pull a permit for stuff like this you would not have this non-compliant mess you have.
Find the money and replace the entire setup with a new panel and the proper underground cable.

That photo you show to us that is complety illegal set up I know it can be legit in old code but the way it set up it is NOT safe at all. And I want to see the photo of what the so callled electrician did with your service box at the pole that what I am instering to see how bad it is. If I was there I will make sure it is addressed during the service changeover that is my SOP and have the customer understand the safety I know it may cost more money upfront but once it done you have all the subpanels are legit with recenit code cycle.
Did that so called electrician pull the proper permits if so call the inspector and let them know you have issue going on. I thought with the dirt and ladybugs in there; would show that the box in the pics, is what was in the old barn. Please stay awhile and take a look around to discover all the ways your co-op can save you energy and money today. If a metallic bushing is used to connect the meter base to the switch box, it must be bonded with ground unless holes in the meter base and switch box were cut with a knockout kit. The pole must be treated and be at least a Class 7 round or 6”x 6” square and have a minimum of 14.5 feet above the ground. DCA) or when service is located other than on the exterior wall of the building served 30 feet maximum.

The conductor shall have no splices and be connected directly to the grounding lugs of both the meter base and disconnect box. If the service is coming in from the bottom, I don't see a main breaker, and I can't tell that this is an MLO.
The entrance cable must have at least 18 inches of excess wire left past the weather head to allow connection of the service wire. Those conductors coming into the panel have to be enclosed in conduit or service entrance cable.
Don't use the conduit as your ground. ETA- The panel should come with a green screw that screws through the bus bar into the panel or an offset piece of AL that terminates to the bus bar and screws to the panel.
Main panel's= grounded to ground rod's and bonded to the neutral(via green screw or aluminum bus). In the case of a sub panel they want the ground and neutral to be from same origin as conductors ,not bonded at 2 different sources creating a differnce in potential.

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