Not really a "workshop" forum here so I will start a thread in the woodworking forum.I have been out of shop space for a long time. OMG Mike I'm lost for words, That is an impressive building and an even more impressive project you are opening up.Good luck!
Hardly any overhead room there Mike, yer constantly gonna be thinking ya shoulda gone 20' tall I say dripping with huge barn envy. Your other shop was impressive this one should be everyone's dream shop it sounds like it will be yours . Yes we will eventually have part in a loft.My plan is to offer classes to kids and friends and doers on what I know and hopefully learn from them as well. That is so cool Mike, you have a big heart to help people man!!Radiant heat floors so definitely ac i am guessing? Our popular 40x40 Pole Barn Prices, Costs, Kits, Packages, Plans, Designs & Materials are available in all of NY.
We offer complete 40x40 pole barn building construction for all 30 x 40 pole barn kits & packages if you prefer to have an expert pole barn builder erect your 40x40 pole barn building kit for you.
Our 30 x 40 pole barn kits are ideal for heated workshops, cold storage, farm buildings, small business, retail stores, hobby shops, animal housing, warehousing, mini-storage, government, riding arenas, stall barns and more. Greater Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca, Jamestown, Olean, Auburn, Niagara Falls, WNY, CNY, Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Twin Tiers, Western NY, Upstate NY & North PA Areas. Other line is a phone line from existing shop and a cat5 line to run to existing shop as the new shop has a line from the house.
Not to go into too much detail, my wife and I hope to build a house soon.Along with it, I want a real, concrete floored, maybe with a woodstove, place to work on my relics out of the rain, shop. White Demo Super A Restoration UpdatesLet us pray for farmers and all who prepare the soil for planting, that the seeds they sow may lead to a bountiful harvest.
We have a lot more problems with frost heave in this area than in your area so we tend to go with pole barn or frame construction, due to the fact that people can do that themselves. Tractors Owned: CC1081948 farmall f cub 1955 farmall f cub 1955 international lo boy 1952 vai case 2005 236B Caterpillar 1999 TDI Jetta MK IV I like! A concrete slab with a heavy poly vapor barrier below for moisture control is the way to go.As a side not.
No matter how you do it if you have the storms as you described tie the roof into the sides with steel ties. Ive added a CNC mill and metal lathes and a mill drill and it really pushed me to my limit.

It is always nice to see when somebody stops 'thinking about it', and starts getting it done.Best of luck!
We have some serious CNC router build knowledge here now and spreading into CNC mills as well.
They were 16ysld, 19ysld, and 21ysld (The Amish brothers) and their driver helped out and he was 20ysld. Also wired up the 3ph panel and installed an outlet - no more extension cord across the yard. Tired of crappy wireless to the buildings so this will be a great place for an access point. Work benches down the side with florecent lights over them.And build it twice the size you think you need! After visiting many wind storm damaged areas , this tye of building will stand when all other types have been badly damaged.
Last time after a toad strangling rain (Aug., 08) and having banked up dirt all around the back and sides of building.
But he took what we wanted and went to Carter Lumber and they drew it up with all the materials. Today we got vented overhangs, a roof and bubble wrap under it, the porch started, windows framed, and pedestrian doors framed. I am at my limit financial wise in this deal so full insulation and AC are on bucket lists. And boy those boys can eat - three trips to the chinese buffet for the 19year old at noon for lunch and killed a Famos Daves Feast between three of them at about 8:30pm. New 400amp meter base, two 200amp disconnects, new wiring into house off one, all wiring, and trenched and conduit new service to the new shop, and what you see here.
Depending on your terrain, if you have any rolling hillsides or maybe an area with a sharp difference in elevation, then i'd have to go with the cinder block. Bloomington IL cant really sustain a membership based real tech shop and all the makerspaces we do have are all 3d printer and small electronic based offices. I got a free (freeebie in that cool voice) window upgrade because they forgot them on the semi last Thursday and Menards only had 4 windows in the 36X60 low E argon insulated.
This is typical shed which deviates from other shed designs especially when it comes to the roof.
We are pretty big on bank barns around this way which gives you access to the upstairs area of your building.

So in the spring when the snow is melting water runs away from it and it will not get in even in heavy rains.
I want a Makerspace that has tools to do everything and room to teach and learn and room to change the focus of the events to the whims of the visitors. Also the porch trusses were for a 12X24 porch so we are getting a 12' porch ceiling depth as a freebie too.
This is the way I built and with a 16' ceiling I was able to build a loft over three quartes of the upstairs area. I don't think that it would be stronger or weaker as they are all designed to handle a specific load depending on the code for snow load in the area.
I have been promoting DOERS here for awhile and have a group of guys I work with that also get things done - guitar build, motorcycle builds, cnc machines, etc. All doors on gable ends It will keep rain from running off on you when you go in and out and may save your live in winter by not having snow avalanche off of it and crushing you. Johnny and I got the gas line and two cat6 lines to existing shop in conduit and 90% buried. It also keeps ice from building up when it get warm in winter by not having it drip infront of the door.
Door on both ends so you can drive through and in summer open them up for a nice breeze.Get wide doors it makes it a lot easier to get in out and get things positioned.
Got a gas and line trenched and last Thursday I had an Indiana Amish crew come in and start my new pole barn. If I am working on tractor in the doorway for better light I can still get smaller tractor and fourwheelers in and out. I mounted my sliding door on the inside so if it snows I can open it with out having to shovel away from the barn. I prefer a 12' Its a lot cheaper to put on a lean to for more room than build another building.
Eventually it will have a loft in part for a second story.Anyway thought I would share the current adventure pic.
On my roof trusses they put 2x6's sticking up between the header and nailed the trusses to them.

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