WARNING: Duplicating, Copying, Downloading, Saving any Images for personal use or sharing images with a third party is strictly prohibited and not authorized by TLC. Everyone dreams of putting up their own home, and while that might be too big a project for most people, building a garage is not. Garage constructions are fairly simple; normally, they are built as post construction buildings that don’t require sides, sometimes better known as pole barns.
You can do your garage constructions in any size when you use the post construction method of building and you can either half a flat or gabled roof top. Garage constructions are quick and easy to build, so you’ll have somewhere to store all those sports cars you’ve been collecting in no time.
I know these are very common in North America but everyone in the UK seems to build barns and stables onto concrete and I don't actually need concrete as the soil is so well drained.

Most garages, being outdoor storage areas, are unfinished and have concrete sides, and no insulation. There are contracting companies throughout the country who would be more than happy to help you build your garage. They can be used for all kinds of uses, such as sheds, garages, storage buildings, boat storage, work shop, etc.
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Garage constructions like this can be built to any size or style specification because of the flexibility pole barns have in size and materials. Speak with an architect before you start building to get the best idea of what is possible with your space and the materials you wish to use.

However, You can finish your garage to make it a more multi-function space, such as for an office or play area for your children. They’ll work with you to choose a design (or design specifically for you) a garage that first your needs. Finished garages are not much harder to build, and add on significantly to the year-round use of your home.

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