Pole buildings have become quite popular of late due to the fact that these universal storage buildings are quick and easy to install and can be used for a wide variety of residential and commercial needs. Beyond commercial applications, pole buildings can also be used by homeowners for storage, tool sheds, work areas and hobby shops.
In 2009, the idea of building an off-grid homestead turned from dream to reality as I signed papers for a 22 acre piece of land underneath Montana's Beartooth Mountains. I had looked around extensively in Nevada and Colorado, but found the right lot not far from Red Lodge. Anyway, in the summer of 2012, the check cleared for the final payment on the land and I was ready to build. By the fall of 2013, I was once again living in Colorado, where a long day's drive could get me to the Homestead.
In June and July of 2015, I headed up to install the polycarbonate paneling that was sitting in the shop. It's been two years since I first turned dirt on this place, and I'm quite happy with everything I've been fortunate enough to accomplish.
Fortunately, my good friend Charlie Baxter -- an architect -- offered to generate some improved schematics based on my original models.
So, above I mentioned that there was a rationale for all of this, and initially it was pretty simple: having a place among the mountains in an amazing region was hugely important to me, and it was worth making some compromises in life to make it happen.
Having owned a number of different barn properties in my life I’ve learned a few things that will hopefully be helpful to you in your barn site selection process. One of the smartest things I did in selecting a site location for my last barn was to walk the proposed site location in a heavy rainstorm. What you do not want is a barn located in a spot that collects water or you’ll end up breeding insects and live in a mud hole for weeks after a rain. One of the best ways to ensure you have a location that drains well is to pick the high spot in your pasture. One other tip you might use in selecting your barn location is to look at your land in Google Maps with the terrain mode. It is unfortunate, but security is now an important consideration when selecting your barn site. If you’re one of the lucky people who have a nice view of mountains or woods, you want to make sure your barn complements the view. When we were getting ready to build our latest barn, we took several pictures of our back pasture and stitched the pictures together in a photo editor. Okay, this is one of the last things we think about when we are looking at all the glossy brochures from the barn companies, but think about where you will put manure when you are making your site selection. Having a horse in your backyard can be one of the most enjoyable elements about owning a horse. To get additional information about Colorado barn, Colorado pole barns, and Colorado pole buildings, please visit our pole barn Colorado informational site. To get additional information about horse barn, horse barns Colorado, and pole barn, please visit our pole barn building informational site.
To get additional information about pole barns, pole barns prices, and pole building, please visit our Colorado pole barns informational site. DC Builders' experienced crews work nationwide building one-of-a-kindĀ custom barn homes, apartment barns, horse barns, timber frame homes, commercial buildings and more. We pride ourselves on our service-minded approach, working closely with our clients using the latest live-meeting and project management software to keep them informed and ensure their total satisfaction with their structure.
Barn homes, residences built into the structural frame of a beautiful barn framed with rustic heavy timbers, are an increasingly popular option for custom-built homes. For over a decade, DC Builders has traveled the United States and Canada building some of the world's finest horse barns and equestrian facilities. DC Builders is proud to work with our friends at Blackburn Equestrian Design as a preferred contractor for their Blackburn GreenbarnsĀ® line of pre-designed barn models. From extra garage space for a home to warehouse storage for a farm or business, pole buildings serve a number of purposes and if you live or work in the mid-Atlantic region contact CHA Pole Barns today to get started on the plans and designs for your very own pole barn building.
If the home you bought doesn't have a basement or garage then a pole building might be in high demand.
It lies within a rain shadow, and is arid, yet its crystal clear groundwater is fed by lofty peaks above that get plenty of rain and snow.
In 2008, the concept of a straw bale passive solar home on a concrete slab entered my mind after seeing and reading the stories of others who had followed that path.

You bought the land you’ve always dreamed of and now you want to build a barn so you and your horse can live at the same address.
In many cases I’ve learned the hard way, but often those are the most important lessons. If the only location available is an area like that, then bite the bullet and budget for bringing in fill that will elevate your barn.
This works well in mild climates, but if you’re building a barn in the mountains in Colorado where the winds can be fierce in the winter, you might opt to build the barn not on the top, but on high ground below the crest of the hill so the hill can act to shield your facility from the direct winds. We had to run IVs all night and had to keep the horse sedated so we didn’t want to leave the horse alone. The vet came by several times in the course of the 18 hours when the horse was in crisis (the horse had severe colic, but lived, but it was touch and go for awhile) – because it was so convenient, the vet could pull up to the barn door to bring us more IV fluid at two in the morning. However, don’t limit yourself now by not considering at some point you may want to expand your facilities a bit. Something I see frequently is people forget to factor in the conditions of their current location and climate.
I wanted as much sun exposure as I could get so I positioned my barn facing south to take advantage of solar heating and designed a barn that had a solid wall against the prevailing winter wind.
There I avoided facing the stalls to the West because of the hot afternoon sun and I tried to position the barn to capture prevailing breezes. Selecting colors that blend with the country side or using landscaping to make your barn look integrated to the surrounding area, can keep your view lovely and make sure your investment enhances your property, not detract from the value.
Obviously you don’t want it in full view, you want it out back, so make sure there is a place that is convenient for your manure pile. I find my blood pressure drops just by looking out the window and seeing my horses grazing peacefully. Whether you're looking to build a rustic barn home, design plans for a winery or wedding venue, or order a simple horse barn, DC Builders will craft a custom solution that fits your unique lifestyle. If you're looking for a home for your horses, your family, your business, or a combination of the three, our design specialists are here to help.
With a one-of-a-kind floor plan for each client, our unique post & beam barn homes are built to stand for generations to come. Whether you're looking for four stalls or forty, a simple shed row barn or a massive riding arena, DC Builders can provide the unique design that's right for you. Check out our line of pre-designed barn kits, barn home kits, arenas and more at DC Structures. Framework Plus provides custom, handcrafted timber frame pavilion kits to clients across the country. These exquisite horse barns lead the way in sustainability, sourcing renewable components and maximizing natural light and ventilation. Experienced and skilled pole barn builders, CHA Pole Barns can plan, construct and install a custom pole building that will make your life much easier. Having a sturdy and dependable pole building on your property can help in storing vehicles overnight or during the winter season, acting as a workshop for crafting furniture and repairing miscellaneous items and being a general storage building for any household items.
I hitched up my trusty 20 year old pickup and flatbed trailer in Fairbanks, Alaska, and hit the road for a two month long trip. With rugged mountains like the Beartooths come rugged wind events when the barometric pressure changes quickly.
For me, the result of Charlie's work was unexpected at first but has since come to be fully embraced. Active means that it will have solar photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine to generate electricity for a large battery bank, plus solar thermal water heating panels which can heat water to over 200 degree even when it's freezing outside. Deciding where to locate your new barn is the next big step and its a decision that should be well thought out.
Sure, I could have done some expensive terra forming to steer water away, but the more modifications you have to make, the more dollars you will spend. You’ll still want to walk the property, but the computer could help you eliminate areas that might become bogs after heavy rains.
It was not in a convenient location to our main pasture and made life a pain moving the horses from the barn to the turn out area where they spent most of their time. Okay, so the hour wasn’t convenient, but I think the vet would have been less likely to come if she had to trek a mile into a pasture to get to the barn. If you can position the barn where you can tap into existing water and electricity that will keep costs down, but usually getting utilities to the barn will require an additional pole or ditch dug.

You want the barn in a convenient location to your hay barn if you’re going to have to pull hay on a frequent basis. Site preparation is expensive, but necessary, so try to reduce how much fill you need to bring in by trying to find a fairly level spot to start with.
With my Texas barns I always try to include 12 foot porches so the horses can stand in the shade but catch a breeze. I had one friend have to come back and brick her nice Morton barn because the HOA complained the barn didn’t match her house. We could move the barn around in the picture to see how the barn looked in different places on the property. I like to make sure there is truck access to the pile because I have a number of friends who will come and take manure regularly if I make it convenient. Building a barn and placing the barn in the best position possible can add to your enjoyment. Featuring the best blueprints, materials, and construction techniques in the industry, these are America's most complete barn kits.
Using the finest materials and traditional mortise and tenon joinery, Framework Plus also provides custom timber trusses, corbels, and accents for our barns and barn homes.
CHA Pole Barns offers many options for custom pole buildings including metal roofing and siding, wood siding, windows, wainscoting, cupolas and porches. All in all, it was another five super hard weeks of work, including working my regular job during the days to make for 13-16 hour days and often working construction into the night by headlamp.
Building a barn is an expensive endeavor and once the barn is built you can’t move it around. My horses tend to congregate around the covered overhangs in front of my barn so I can easily check my horses without even going outside.
What I learned from that is that the dairy barn may have been convenient for the old dairy farmer because it was next to the road, but it wasn’t where the pasture was so the location was a daily hassle for us until we were able to build a fence that connected the barn to the pasture so the horses could go back and forth on their own. I positioned my latest barn inside my locked pasture gate where they have to drive by my house to get to the barn.
The closer you can position your barn to an existing source, the less you have to dig and the cheaper it will be. They forget that the barn style and considerations that are appropriate for a cold climate are not the same considerations you would use in a hot climate.
My farrier loves the porch too – there is better light than in my center aisle and there is always a nice breeze.
It was a fun exercise and helped us find a workable location that didn’t ruin the view. Hopefully this article has stimulated some additional things to consider when selecting your barn site location. CHA Pole Barns can travel throughout the mid-Atlantic region including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia to design, construct and install a pole building on your residential or commercial property. It's not persistent enough to be a constant nuisance -- indeed, most of the time the weather is quite nice -- but when it does pick up for real, a lack of preparation could cause some real damage. Having the barn close to the house is also nice if I have to go out and feed after dark or if I have a sick horse and I’m coming and going a lot checking on the animal. If two locations are equal in all other respects and one is next to a utility pole, go with that one.
It adds to my barn costs, but it should make the finished barn location level and with good drainage. I gained a better idea of which places suited my soul's desires, and which ones were practically realistic and affordable. After 5,000 miles of driving over the course of two weeks to bring my truck, fifth wheel, camper, flatbed trailer, and several tons of supplies and gear to the land from Alaska, Nevada, and Billings, I was ready to begin the project.
Click here to read a short story about this gnarly but fulfilling experience, and here for the full photo collection with detailed captions.In the spring of 2013 I returned to put on the roof sheathing, a simple deck, and more walls, putting in an additional three weeks of work -- mostly solo -- in order to do so.

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