Traditionally Pole Buildings have been used for barns,garages,shops and for storing recreational vehicles, however they are also being used in a myriad of other ways not often associated with pole buildings , such as offices and even living spaces when properly insulated. Pole Building construction uses large posts for it’s support columns and a unique framing method that can handle larger loads and requires less materials and labor time during construction , which is why it more affordable per square foot , when compared to other construction methods. However it is very important to to use an experienced and licensed contractor when having a pole building built on your property, you want to make sure the job is done right and all the proper permits are in place during construction. Brad Ashby Construction has years of experience in pole building construction for┬áresidential, agricultural, or commercial use in Coos County and the Southern Oregon Coast and is the right choice to ensure your investment is well spent.

Pole buildings can even be said to more sustainable and easier on the environment as wood is a renewable resource especially here in Oregon , and pole buildings require much less steel in their construction. So give us a call today at 541-760-7220 and lets sit down and go over your project and determine if a pole building is the best solution for your needs and your budget !
Brad Ashby ConstructionBrad Ashby Construction is a General Contractor located in Coos Bay Oregon and is licensed in both Commercial and Residential construction. Pole building construction has come a long way and is suitable for a number of different types of buildings and uses.

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