Our pool house sheds are a great way to accommodate your guests and store your pool supplies.
This popular New England style has an overhang on the front of the building for added protection. The Victorian dormer in terms of sheds, extends up the front wall to a peak which is the same height as the peak of the shed. This style shed roof is more common in recent years due to this style dormer being used in many new homes. An indoor swimming pool may seem like an extravagant addition to any home, but the countless hours of enjoyment will make it well worth the initial investment. Here are several important things to consider if you choose to incorporate an indoor swimming pool into your new home. The most common materials used for indoor pool construction include concrete, aluminum and fiberglass.
Aluminum - Not as commonly used in today’s indoor swimming pools, but still an option to consider. Humidity - Humidity causes the most wear and tear to the building that houses an indoor pool.
Insulation - This is not only an important factor for pool building because of the expense, but if the space is not properly insulated, it poses some serious health threats for the homeowners. Vapor Barriers - Be sure your builder includes a quality vapor barrier that will keep condensation from building up in the walls.

Climate Control - Be sure to maintain proper climate control in the indoor swimming pool space.
And, when not in use, consider covering the pool to decrease moisture as well as for safety reasons especially if you have small children.
Besides being a beautiful feature to add to your home, an indoor swimming pool provides many benefits for the whole family. Whether you desire an indoor pool for relaxation, fun or health reasons, an indoor swimming pool will add something special to your home that your family will be able to enjoy for years to come.
Interior walls are available to divide your storage from the changing areas, really making it two sheds in one. Adding a loft or half loft to a barn provides you additional storage area giving you more bang for your buck. Because many areas of the country are not conducive to swimming pool weather most of the year, why not consider an indoor swimming pool when building your new home? Rather than sinking a bunch of money into country club fees and other family activities, building an indoor swimming pool as a part of your home will offer fun-filled entertainment for the entire family as well as a convenient year-round fitness option. Obviously, any metals used in the construction of the pool must be rustproof and wooden materials are not as durable because they can deteriorate quickly in such humid conditions.
Dangerous and even deadly types of mold can build up in the insulation creating a dangerous environment that supports mold that can damage the lungs and respiratory system.
Vapor barriers are made of plastic or film and allow air passage through them, but not moisture.

Providing an ideal gathering place for fun and entertainment, an indoor swimming pool is just the place for parties and other celebrations all throughout the year.
Pool sheds come standard with one single door and one set of double doors, two 18” x 27” windows and a 4’ porch. Today, due to the need for additional storage space the rear wall is only nominally shorter than the front wall if not the same height. Consult with a HVAC specialist who is familiar with dehumidification systems prior to selecting all building materials for this indoor pool space. This precise temperature can be achieved by keeping this indoor space exactly two degrees cooler than the air temperature.
If you are not up to the challenge of regular cleaning and maintenance, then consider a pool maintenance company to keep your indoor pool looking its best at all times. It is also a great source of low-impact exercise for all ages and can help many health aliments especially bone and joint pain. Then, be ready to answer questions when you meet with the companies and be prepared to share with them how you plan to use your pool.

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