This unit is our top-of-the-line with the more attractive effect, even larger boxing than the Small-Box Eve unit. Screen Room -Our screen rooms are standard with steel studs, no windows, and a screen door. Barn - The barn style building is available in a wide variety of colors for both the sides and the roof.
Double-Wide Units - This unit is constructed with a heavy-duty truss system to support its extra size. Hand-Built to Last - Our sheds, gazebos and carports are built to last with exquisite details that make a gorgeous addition to any home. Delivered Fully Assembled and Ready to Use - Pope's Utility Buildings delivers sheds, gazebos and carports fully assembled and ready to use the same day.
Service You Can Count On - Family owned and operated, Pope's Utility Buildings is committed to providing you the best service possible. See Our Products Before You Buy - We keep a variety of sheds, gazebos and carports on display at our Tampa location. On-Site Placement - Not sure where your new shed or gazebo will look best in your yard or garden?

For the gardener in the family, our Green Houses are available in mist green fiberglass or clear poly-carbonate panel made specifically for green house use. All units are standard without a floor that enables you to use bark, gravel, or whatever you think best absorbs the water that is used when you water your plants. Available in different sizes and colors, this unit is usually custom designed for each customer's individual needs. This unit is available in both wood-stud and steel-stud frames with our aluminum-framed door standard with your option of choosing the mobile-home type door or rollup door. All our backyard structures come with complete limited warranties as provided by their Manufacturers (see each item for their specific warranty). Call Pope's Utility Buildings today at 813-626-6289 to talk with our knowledgeable staff about your individual needs. These units are standard with a small porch with the size of the porch usually specified by each customer.
It is standard with a wood door, metal roof and a certain number of windows and electrical outlets, depending on the size unit you prefer.
We can build with short walls like a doll-house or with standard height walls for a backyard getaway.

Screen rooms also have a treated plywood floor or treated 2x6 lumber if requested for an additional cost.
The siding is natural, however we spray a clear protective sealer on the siding unless you specify to leave the sealer off due to the fact you will be painting the shed in the near future.
All they need is a basic survey of your property to answer most of your placement questions. This unit is standard with a wood door, windows and electrial outlets, depending on the size of unit ordered. This unit is also available with a metal door as a standard feature and a shingle roof is available on request.

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