This band-sawn box design is an intermediate project due to the number of drawers and amount and type of carving involved. When you cut a board into shorter lengths, inspect the end grain and match them to each other when gluing up a blank for your box, such as bookmatching.
Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.
In the back panel of the project I made for the upcoming August 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine is a small door. As I marked out the mortise for the hinges, I realized that the knife marks at the ends were as deep as they needed to be. Hammer, a part of the Felder Group, has managed to include all the performance of a high-end sliding table saw for only about 10 percent more than a quality American cabinet saw. Out of the box (technically off the shipping pallet), the K3 Winner comes nearly fully assembled and ready to go to work. Not only was the 90° stop on the crosscut fence accurate, but the flip-stop scale was dead-on as well. The blade stabilizer is held in place with a socket-cap screw, so changing blades with an Allen wrench seems a bit odd at first.
If you’re looking to bring European precision to your woodworking, the Hammer K3 Winner gives you all the features you’ll want at a reasonable price.
American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014. This horizontal router jig has a table that slides in four directions, turning a router into a joint-making monster. This horizontal routing jig, which I call “Joint Maker,” holds the router to one side of the work.
I’m working on an upcoming article for Popular Woodworking Magazine that includes router-bit storage.
But before we get into how bits are stored, I’d like to find out how many router bits our blog readers actually own.
What I find even more amazing are the dream-like storage solutions designed by my fellow woodworkers.
Glen Huey is a former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, a period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books, videos and magazine articles. I started building a portable router table a while back and had planned on including the two drawers (or, possibly 4 drawers ?? for storing my router bits. I currently have at least 25 router bits (including a set for making tambour doors that don’t require wires, cords, or any backing). In 1999 when I retired from full time work I made a router table very similar to Bill Hylton’s Floor Standing version.
A Q&A like this belongs in Popular Mechanics, Woodsmith Shopnotes, or the new addition to the PW family, American Woodworker, not in a magazine for more advanced woodworker. Related to one of the comments: any reference to Norm Abrams should be excised from Popular Woodworking. Eons ago I built my own router table which included 3 drawers on one side and cupboard space below.
In case you don’t recognize the tool (or should I say tools) in the photo, it’s a Shopsmith, one of the original combination woodworking machines.
If you’re not familiar with Shopsmith and the new Mark VII, here are the tools combined into one machine. The talk I hear is that Shopsmith is more for an entry-level woodworker, but I look at it as a possible second set of machines for the shop. I did run across a neighbor building the most beautiful pair of queen anne high boy chests with the arched moldings (bonnet top), all done using a Shopsmith and no other major power tools.
Wish I could afford the new power pro head, but at $2000, well, it’s just way too expensive.
My ‘normal’ set up is in table saw mode with the jointer attached, so that I can joint a board, rip, joint, and rip. A TV cabinet (soft maple) based loosely on the American Cabinet by Troy Sexton in the April 2008 Popular Woodworking issue. BTW, Norm used a Shopsmith as a table saw, drill press, and lathe frequently in the early years on The New Yankee Workshop.

I think when one finds out the Shopsmith is more than the basic 5 tools you will see the value. I am still using the same MK V that my father and I unpacked brand new in 1954(I was 9 years old). Some complain about the change over of tools: this need not be a problem as long as one is organized and plans ahead to combine operations that will minimize change overs.
It is very nice to have a 57 year old machine and know that I can still get BRAND NEW PARTS from the manufacturer! Planemaker Gary Blum introduced a new workbench design for sale here at the International Woodworking Fair. The most clever aspect of the bench is how Blum incorporated Jorgensen pipe clamps into the design to work as the face vise and the end vise.
In the face-vise position, Blum built a twin-screw vise by placing two pipe clamps in bronze bushings on 18″ centers. Blum put a similar clamping system on the end of the bench, but he also incorporated a dog system into the end vise so you can clamp panels to your benchtop between dogs.
Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. Your partner is that beautiful wood you’ve just found or have been secretly saving for the past decade, and the music is the sound your tools make. The carving and shaping can be done quickly with coarse-through-fine sandpaper on a belt sander, oscillating spindle sander and with sanding drums on a portable drill, then refined with a finishing sander and hand sanding. Burls, curls, spalting, unusual colors and yes, even cracks, splits, worm or bug holes and checks can be used to create a box that will truly be one of a kind. Hanging doors on butt hinges is no big deal if you’ve done it a few times, but this door proved interesting. Then I began to mark the sides with my gauge (a Tite-Mark Mini), I realized that I could easily remove all the material with the gauge. The size and price tend to be limiting factors, particularly for those not making a living from their woodcraft.
I invested little time in putting together the rip and crosscut fences – both came accurately calibrated. If you build lots of case pieces, the sliding table is far more than a convenience – it speeds work significantly. Not only is there a ton of room, it’s easy to get to: Move the slider completely out of the way, slide the guard in the opposite direction and you have total access to the retaining bolt and flange. The machine is solid and, with a single-phase 4-horsepower motor, has enough muscle to tackle the toughest materials. Years ago I found the holders shown in the opening photo – a quick Internet search tells me these are not available anymore, so I’m glad I inherited my Dad’s holders when we cleared his shop. Some folks store their bits in compartments that are way upscale – their router bits appear as mini works of art, showcased on elevated platforms for all the world to see. You get a 10” Table Saw, a Lathe with 34” between centers, a 12” Disc Sander, a 16?” Drill Press, a router setup as well as a shaper setup that allow for both under the table and above the table operations, and a horizontal boring arrangement. To begin, the new digital variable reluctance (DVR) motor provides 1? horsepower when wired to a 120-volt circuit and 2 horsepower if you’re wired with 240 volts.
Do you see the Shopsmith Mark VII as a beginner tool, or as a fully-stocked shop addition?
It was still running fine when I finally decided to upgrade the headstock with the more powerful motor, 2 bearing quill and most bearings. The attachments (bandsaw etc.) are all of the highest quality and easy to use and maintain.
Below the torsion box top is a set of red-oak legs and stretchers joined with bolts, which allow the bench to be knocked down. It is a solid bench, and the torsion box will ensure that the top remains rigid and flat (unless you leave your bench out in the rain).
Some of the carving – mainly at the saw kerfs – must be done with straight chisels and lots of coarse-through-fine sandpaper wrapped around dowels, flexible rubber sanding accessories if you have them, and, of course fingers. After years of sticking my hands inside American-made saws, it’s a pleasure to not bang my knuckles on the edge of a cast iron top. This means added expense for blade purchases, but it also means you’ll get cleaner cuts with no blade slippage.

I also have a select few bits stored in those fancy anti-theft plastic boxes that come with purchase.
My router table is a 4 ft formica laminate from the big box store, which is flat and slippery. These have been the perfect storage solution – compact, easy to access and no dinging of the carbide surfaces.
In addition, the rpm of the new motor goes from a slow 250 rpm to a top-end speed of 10,000 rpm. We occasionally scouted the papers looking for a Mark V (the original Shopsmith machine) just to have the horizontal boring setup. If you have a Shopsmith or have worked on one in the past, leave a comment to let us know how you use your machine. It has had a lot of use over the years and has the capacity to run hard; at one point, I built 150 clothes racks for a thrift store. Most of us work on our machines and the Customer Service personnel know that and are always ready to help with suggestions and how-to info. The base design is a couple hundred years old, but Blum has added Baltic Birch plywood, bronze bushings and pipe clamps to make it a thoroughly modern bench. You might be wondering if pipe clamps have enough throw to be useful as a woodworking vise. Work at this scale is mostly the same as working on furniture or cabinets, but some tasks require different tools, or the use of standard tools in a different way. If you’re not paying attention, you could be spinning your wheel without effecting the desired change.
And yes, I have router bits stored in the low-budget, plastic pouches straight from the store.
Popular Woodworking Magazine is a valuable resource for woodworkers of all abilities from the seasoned professional to the beginning woodworker who just purchased his first tool.
With the digital control panel of the headstock, you get those speeds in both forward and reverse settings. I’m looking forward to working with the new Mark VII, I just need to find the right project.
Each is dedicated or converted to, more or less, a couple of different uses, giving me over a dozen different setups in a somewhat limited area. I own the belt sander accessory, and combined with a sanding disc or drunm, it makes a good sanding center. It will do what one needs to do plus many other special operations; ever try to drill the end of a table leg for a caster? Or do you walk into a woodworking store and as the staff yells your name, the cashier guides you to the wall-size, overly stuffed router bit case as your body begins to quiver? I also – and I’m weary to let this be known – have a box full of older bits sitting in a closet clanking together as their carbide edges dull (head down in shame).
And Norm Abram has introduced woodworking to so many people throughout his career that we should all be thankful. I also find it quicker to set-up a stack dado cutter on the Shopsmith, rather than change out the blade on the table saw. After 57 years of use, this machine still looks and works great (despite moving it back and forth across the USA while in the Navy).
If you need to clamp really thick work, the pipe clamps can be slid out and locked in position to hold thick stock. If you don’t know what setting you need for a given operation, you simply choose the operation from the extensive list and the machine display supplies you with the correct setting. I don’t do much turning, but the lathe function on the Shopsmith serves the purpose just fine. Since I like to make boxes, I purchased a block of foam from Rockler and fitted a box around it.

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