Herkes Portable Buildings is a locally-owned company committed to our neighbors far and near.
We have available for sale a three year old modular office building finished in plastisol steel. The Green TimesClimate change is the most widespread & complex problem humanity has ever faced! December 11, 2013 Leave a Comment Made by South African company Structure Now PTY Ltd, the first completed unit to roll off the production line was acquired by Investec and was donated to the Westbury Secondary School in Gauteng. The transportable building is comprised of a modified shipping container equipped with a temperature stabilising exo-skeleton, polycarboflex security windows and doors, LED low energy lighting, super-size windows for natural light and a bi-folding triple entrance door that would allow for easy disabled access.
Structure Now specialises in transportable, practical and effective social solutions that assist in the eradication of endemic poverty by producing facilities for education, child care and the medical profession. Jason Maydew, Head of African Operations, commented, “Our solutions really do tick all the boxes. The target market of Structure Now are both government and corporate organisations at home and abroad. The company is a collaboration between British-born economic engineer Jason Maydew and award-winning South African industrial designer James Kennedy.
Maydew concluded, “Our current portfolio of ready-made solutions includes a fully equipped medical clinic, school classrooms, a creche, an adult internet learning centre and a double storey childrens home that feeds, sleeps and teaches up to 20 children. Plans for next year include the launch of a low cost triple storey housing solution and a community hall facility that promises to fuse iconic design with practicality.
We found out that this company can also use 100% recycled materials in the manufacturing process, such as reconditioned solar equipment, fire-proof recycled pulp and re-manufactured flooring. All Dainton's portable cabins are strong, durable and built to exceptionally high standards.

Remember, the benefits of choosing Dainton means you’ll receive a quotation within hours of your enquiry and your portable cabin will be designed to your exact requirements. We also have a show area at our Heathfield Head Office near Newton Abbot in Devon that is open to members of the public. We also have a range of used portable buildings for sale and hire and our portable building stock list is available online.
The Dainton Portable Buildings price match guarantee applies to equivalent like-for-like quotes less than 7 days old, excluding quotes incorporating price reductions, promotions, discounts or special offers. We sell high-quality and affordable wood storage buildings as small as 8 x 12 and as large as 16 x 40. There is a separate power control room, a rain protected roofing system that suppresses noise and the latest solar technology, including an inverter and storage, ensuring that the unit will work anywhere. All of the companies solutions are based around a recycled shipping container as well as sustainable and renewable energy. We spent two years in research and development to come up with a cost-effective solution that was practical, temperature stable and did not compromise the overall look of the building. Since the start of production they have already snagged one of Africa’s largest investment banks and are in further talks with similar institutions as well as retail chains and telecoms companies across the whole of the African continent. Cutting edge technology, stunning design and a desire to make a real difference in Africa are the cornerstones of this initiative. Cape Town has a busy international shipping terminal, access to the South African Railway network and a steady supply of materials needed for the construction process. We rely on corporate CSI and philanthropic support to drive sustainability mainstream, where it belongs. No appointment is necessary if you would like to browse our product range and chat about your cabin and container requirements over a coffee with our friendly staff.

All our used portable buildings are refurbished to the highest quality and can be customised to your individual requirements.
The Dainton Portable Buildings price match guarantee cannot be used in conjunction with other Dainton Group Services discounts or offers. With nine different building styles to choose from, you can customize the Graceland Portable Building of your choice with accessories such as windows, doors, colors, metal and shingle roofing options. These additions may be used for extra storage around the house, for maintenance materials, as sheds or even as office space.
The enquiries have not stopped since the official opening ceremony organized by The Investec Power and Infrastructure Finance team at the school and the company has received interest from as far away as Moscow and New York. Most of the materials used to convert the container into the classroom have been sourced from South Africa, while those that were not available locally were supplied from BRIC countries.
Employees are trained to weld, paint, fit electrical equipment and best of all, to become part of a team that is doing something for society to help people in need. At Graceland of Thomasville, we also sell a large selection of Carports, RV Covers, Boat Covers, Garages, Barns, Utility Structures, and Customized Buildings.Purchasing a Graceland Portable Building at Graceland of Thomasville is fast and easy. The African climate can be harsh so keeping the environment cooler than the outside temperature was a big factor. We offer flexible payment and renting options, with NO CREDIT CHECK required and affordable financing plans. Air conditioning was not an option for consideration due to the remote locations where some of our structures would be deployed.

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