Keep your automobiles, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles or equipment protected from rain, wind, and other outdoor factors with a canvas shed or portable garage from Rhino Storage Shelters.
Easy to assemble and long-lasting, you’ll be glad you made the choice to purchase a canvas shed or portable garage when you save time and money on vehicle maintenance all year long. Browse through our available products or contact Bird Boyz Builders for assistance in choosing a canvas building that is right for you.
The Canvas Storage Shed is the perfect solution for protecting your motorcycle while it is not in use. These roomy, greenhouses go up easily, and will have you ready for plants in a couple hours. Rhino Shelters provides the best in instant and portable building protection for any purpose. The Rhino Shelter Horse Run-in and canvas ag buildings are great for the quick affordable cover for your farm animals or hay and feed storage.
Rhino Shelters Canvas Buildings provides the best in instant and portable building protection for any purpose.
Since 1940, King Canopy has grown from a small family business to be a leader in the supply of Shade and Shelter products to the World. Today’s King Canopy consumer expects the same level of quality and dependability. King Canopy strives to always remember that their customers are the #1 priority.
King Canopies mission is to manufacture products that will provide the highest level of protection from the elements for your family, your boat, RTV, craft show items, or anything else that requires shelter from the outside world.
Economical temporary storage and protection for those small jobs like, ATVs, lawn mowers, Personal Watercraft, garden equipment, and more! With slip-in fittings, the frame is easily assembled in less than an hour with minimal tools required. When a shelter’s polyethylene cover experiences a rip or wear and tear, do you disable and toss it entirely?
Build an affordable, portable, temporary, multi-purpose all weather RV cover or RV storage shelter with Portable Garage Depot's, heavy duty, easy to assemble, portable shelter kits. Protect your RV, camper, car, truck, SUV, boat, motorcycle, materials, yard equipment, workshops and much more with our instant portable all weather camper storage shelters and covers. We offer several styles and colors of all weather shelters for any of your protection needs. Being that Portable Garage Depot is a leading manufacturer of its own temporary storage covers, buildings, and shelters, we can offer the lowest prices when buying factory direct. Bird Boyz Builders is proud to offer the full line of canvas buildings from Rhino Shelter at very affordable prices, so that you don’t have to worry about extra costs involved in keeping your vehicles covered and protected. Available in a wide array of sizes, styles and colors to suit your needs, we also carry the full product line of canvas buildings from reputable manufacturers Jewett Cameron and King Canopy. Contact us or check the item you are looking for on our online shopping site and input your ship to state to see if you quality for a better price on all Rhino Shelters.

The Canvas Storage Shed’s small size makes it easy to fit in virtually any corner of your lawn. They have the same strong frame and covers and the Rhino Shelters canvas buildings but do not include the end panels giving them the maximum head room for your precious animals. They are a dedicated team operating with traditional values and respect for the quality and integrity of each of the King Canopy products. Through progressive approaches in product design, packaging, and distribution they pride themselves on the ability to constantly meet the needs of the marketplace in ways that set King Canopy apart from the competition. With added features such as corner brackets, industrial grade PE fabric skylight and the Improved Roof Bracing System to stand up to the elements, they’re the ideal temporary structures for all your storage needs. As the metal frames of portable garages, carports, and buildings inevitably last longer than the polyethylene, we provide a wide assortment of replacement covers. Our portable shelters offer all weather protection from sun, rain, sleet and snow, offering maximum protection for interior contents. Easy bolt together design, with easy to assemble instructions help construction go fast and easy.
Quonset round style instant shelters, peak style portable buildings and truss style big buildings are just a few of the many styles we offer.
Let your number one source for quality storage structures help you choose the right structure you desire when looking for portable storage buildings. Rhino Shelter prices vary based on the state they are being shipped to and we include shipping in the price but require you to check your state in the drop down box of the product listings on NW Quality Sheds. All sizes of the Rhino Run-in Shelters are available in grey and green, most sizes are also available in tan.
It has a white drawstring cover, perfect for providing shade for all of your outdoor activities.
So you can continue getting all the use out of your shelter and giving your investments the full protection needed, our selection encompasses round and peak shapes for small and large portable shelters.
As with all of our portable storage shelters, we offer powder coated or heavy duty galvanized steel framing, for easy assembly and the best in all weather protection.
Portable Garage Depot's affordable all weather portable buildings protect the value of your belongings with the ultimate in weather protection materials. Quality materials make for a quality structure that will stand the test of time, while still protecting the value of your belongings.
Round style storage shelters are good for snow and rain because it allows for easy runoff and less load on the structure. Unit features double zipper doors on both ends to allow drive though capability, and good ventilation. Also these greenhouses can be easily converted to a portable garage or a canvas storage building. These canvas buildings feature double zipper doors on both ends to allow drive though capability, and good ventilation.

It also comes with a wall kit to enclose the unit and provide full shelter from the elements. Comes with 2 – sliding doors that hook with bungee cords to the side wall which makes opening and closing the doors really easy while wearing gloves in the extreme cold.
Find the exact fit, from the shape of the shelter to all specific dimensions, in our selection.
Whether you are setting up your canopy on grass, clay, or rocky soil, these anchors can keep your canopy exactly where you want it. Whether it be your car, truck, SUV, boat, campers, motorcycle, or maybe materials and storage, our portable instant all weather shelters will give the maximum in protection against sun, rain, sleet, snow, and wind. Peak and house style buildings offer the extra space on the sides and a high center ridge height. The top, sides and rear is all one piece and the front end wall with zippers attach with hook-and-loop fasteners and can be removed if needed. Since there are no returns accepted on these cover kits, please be sure you are ordering the correct item. Wind brace supports on all sides will protect from the wind, hard falling rain, or snow that can put a heavy load on your storage cover shelter building. Each canvas building comes equipped with earth anchors with a 36” stainless steel tether and a drive rod to secure the canvas buildings at strategic points. The cover is a grey, green, or brown UV-treated polyethylene with white interior for better visibility inside. Rather than make a compromise, choose the easiest attachment method, along with the appearance, from our pipe-in pocket and lace-on replacement covers.As far as functionality is concerned, replacement covers retain all properties. Not only are our all weather shelters good for your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or storage, our heavy duty all weather buildings can be modified for your favorite classic car, workshop, even a portable instant greenhouse if the need is there. Each unit comes equipped with earth anchors with a 36” stainless steel tether and a drive rod to secure the unit.
All covers, once attached to the frame, continue to provide an excellent UV blocking and waterproof surface. With your existing galvanized or powder-coated steel frame, the new cover still provides for air circulation, preventing damaging mildew and dry rot from building up on your vehicles, equipment, or other investments.If your shelter has a tear or frayed material, don’t despair. The special corkscrew design feature allows the auger to dig deeply and hold securely in grass, clay, unpacked soil, and even asphalt.

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