It’s garden season, and many people find the need to fence their gardens to keep veggie-eating animals (like rabbits and deer) out. For simplicity and durability, the bench was constructed entirely from 1” x 4” pressure treated pine. A tray for gardening tools runs the width of the top while a five-gallon bucket mounted next to it can be used to store potting soil or fertilizer.
After sanding off the rough edges and mounting the wheels to the base, our bench was ready for some serious gardening. You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader.
To see plans for the portable potting bench, click on the top, side, and end view plan links in the article above. Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. But we all know a fencing project can be time consuming and costly, especially as your garden beds get larger, so I wanted to share with you what we’ve been successfully using for the past two garden seasons (this season begins our third year).
It obviously won’t last as long as wire fencing (but we take ours down each year and re-use it, extending the life by not leaving it up all year).
We have not had a problem with deer- we live in an area with a lot of deer, but also a lot of woods, so they may not be as desperate to get into our garden since they have all the woods. Not only does it give you a convenient place to work with your plants, it also keeps the inevitable mess that goes with it confined to one spot.

The wheels on the front and handles on the back allow you to move it outside when the weather is nice then store it out of the way in the garage when not in use.
After cutting the sides of the top frame to length, a jigsaw was used to notch the end of the handles to make them easy to grip. Boards were then screwed to the frames to form the top and storage rack, and a removable panel, held together from underneath by a brace, was installed in the top to cover the bucket.
In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. Natural water features are great but actually having a garden with a river or a pond already on site is only a dream most of the times.
We easily remove the netting at the end of each garden season and save for the next season (or you could take it with you if you move- this is important to us since we rent). It takes Farmer Dickie about 20 minutes to fence a large garden plot (25 ft by 100 ft) – and that includes the time to hand drive the t-posts. The distance between your posts will vary based on the length of the fence run, the slope of the land, etc. The sides were then attached to the cross members with corrosion resistant screws to form a sturdy frame for the top. Farmer Dickie hand drives t-posts (like this one, but find them locally at a farm supply store for a much lower cost) with a post hole driver (like this one).
Landscape fabric stakes work well for this and they are easy to find at home improvement stores.

I am passionate about all things real food, and my goal is to empower YOU to take control of your food sources by inspiring you to seek out local farmers and grow your own food. The supplies needed include some plastic containers or planters, a small submersible pump, some tubing, pebbles and plants.View in galleryA really interesting design for a garden fountain can be found on ciburbanity. The materials you’ll need include a bag of mortar mix, a solar fountain kit, molds, a bucket, a PVC pipe, tubing and some scrap board. You can find the instructions for the project on hometalk.View in galleryThis is a similar project, also featuring a tea pot.
It’s an interesting water feature which, similarly to a fountain, can easily become a focal point for the garden. You can find a very detailed tutorial on how to build such a structure on interiorfrugalista. After adding the finishing touches, everything should work nicely.View in galleryAnother option is to make a tiered fountain using two or more plant pots.
Once this technical part is all done, add pebbles, maybe even some plants and find a good spot for your new fountain. Besides this, you’ll need a large bucket, some L-brackets, screen material, a submersible pump and an outdoor plug.

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