Proudly Serving: Sacramento, Grass Valley, Chico, Stockton, Fairfield, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Napa, Clear Lake, CA and Surrounding Areas. More than a decade ago, we envisioned that at some point there would be a need for small (less than 200 sq ft in size), portable storage buildings in Sacramento that don't require a permit for use. Our latest design makes it possible to stack pre-fabbed walls and roof on the unit floor, band it and ship the structure as a KD (Knock Down) unit to be field assembled. 1 end entrance, single; next side entrance can be single no partitions, single roll-up door.

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Our firm also designs and manufactures larger sized mini storage facilities, so if you need help on any type of steel structure let us know and we will be glad to work with you. We have manufactured about 450 units for local use in northern California, and with our KD design we can now also ship anywhere in the country.
One photo shows two units back to back; also note the customer poured concrete to make the unit floor flush with the walkway.

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