The Casita makes a great storage building and many buyers have also transformed them into "tiny cabins" or "tiny houses", perfect for that lakeside retreat or backwood hunting property.
As with all Better Built Buildings, the exterior is extremely low maintenance to save you time and money.
This "tiny house" can be custom built to your specifications, allowing you to specify such things as overall building size, door and window sizes and locations, and shingle colors that blend with existing structures.
You may also be interested in our Lofted Porch, which offers similar features with a slightly different porch arangement. Order your "tiny house" Casita or any Better Built storage building at the Flying Moose Antique Mall in Wichita, KS.

Add convenient storage space to your yard so you can keep lawn equipment, small vehicles, and bulky supplies neatly stored and organized with the Portable Storage Shed.
Both buildings offer an abundance of overhead storage, and covered entry ways that make great cabin layouts. Many options are available that allow you to customize your building to your specific liking.
The high-quality steel frame and waterproof polyethylene cover work together to keep your supplies or equipment safe from the elements. Let the Professionals At Simpco Help!We can help you pick out the perfect building to suit your needs and get the best options available to you.

The inside of the building is still open with exterior stud walls that can be left unfinished, or you can finish the interior any way you want.
The 4-Outdoor site preparation team completed the gravel site a couple days before delivery.
Portable storage sheds in Maryland built by 4-Outdoor are available with many options for siding.

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