Below you will find the Portable Storage Units gallery of images, videos, and 360° Tours. Products as shown may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard Morgan truck body configuration. Morgan Corporation has been the premier producer of truck and van bodies in North America for more than 60 years. With a total of twelve manufacturing and service facilities strategically located throughout North America, Morgan is able to ensure the quality, service and prompt delivery you need to do the job. All products sold on The Shelving Shop website are placed on a 3 - 5 working day delivery timescale, at the time of ordering and receipt of payment, although some items may have to be delivered on a 10 day timescale.

We attempt to deliver your order with our own dedicated fleet of vehicles with a "Shelving Shop" driver, although on occasions we may use third parties. Select the size you require from the Size chart, then click Buy, to locate the options available for the size you require.
If you decide not to have Gorilla Movers move you, this is another option for you where the company will bring a portable storage container to your home where you can have your items stored if your new home wona€™t be ready, you dona€™t have a new place to live, or traveling across country, etc, and the company will take away and store the container at one of their centers until you are ready to have your items back at your new location. The San Diego Chamber of Commerce named Gorilla Movers as a 2010 finalist for "Excellence in Customer Service.a€?We cater to our customersa€™ needs and their belongings.
Some product images may differ from current configurations and may not be available as depicted at the time of your order.

Learn more about Morgan truck bodies by reading our truck van body literature or by visiting an upcoming trade show. To ensure this happens consistently, all Gorilla Movers must pass a strict training course.
We provide an enjoyable workplace that emphasizes teamwork, which is evident on moving day.

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