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We have launched a new range of garden buildings aimed at budding gardeners, just in time for spring!
We hear that you like Sheds, we also hear that you like Greenhouses…but which is better? Outshine your next door neighbour’s garden by growing your own plants and vegetables in the comfort of our 2.4m x 1.8m Fennelmere™ Potting Shed!
A 2.4m x 3.0m Fennelmere™ Potting Shed is one of the best places you can start off your garden and we think even Pomona Sprout, Professor of Herbology at Hogwarts, would agree with us! With one of these great buildings you not only have a space to store all of your gardening equipment and spare pots, you also have the space and ability to repot your plants without making a mess of your garden or house. About usWe’re a thoroughly nice family business established back in 1994 by Christopher Murphy and his wife, and is now progressively passing into the care of his two sons Alex and Andy, who are the second generation to run Dunster House. Now, almost twenty years after we started, as a windows and doors supplier, the company is still growing strong. These days we’ve expanded significantly and today specialise in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a wide range of garden products - from log cabins to climbing frames, sheds to summerhouses.
Our business philosophy is simple - the more we can control each and every aspect of the process, the more we can ensure consistently high standards and great value prices.
Please note that our social media person is not trained in the technical aspect of our products.
A small guest home converted from an old potting shed in the village of Benenden in England. The exterior is inviting but the interior looks the way it would if I had simply been handed a jigsaw, hammer, and nails and asked to finish it. It can’t be denied by every gardener that it is their dream to have their own backyard garden potting sheds.
If you want to update it to this type, then you must contemplate using a fiberglass panel for the roof and its aspect walls in which you will make a section of the backyard potting sheds as a tiny greenhouse. It is also important that correct shelving is put in in these backyard garden potting sheds.
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From the crowds on the street, at the car park, on the footpath, in the garden, and well, in the grounds, we all know the team at the Grounds of Alexandria are absolutely killing it. We love their fresh baked breads, their meat on the spit, their friendly farmyard animals and their family friendly vibe – but sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to walk in without expecting to wait up to two hours for a table.
The Potting Shed seems to seamlessly blend into the foliage of the Grounds, with dozens of hanging plants, trees, fairy lights and chairs and tables tucked in between it all.
Designed by Vince Alafaci and Caroline Choker of Acme&Co, the space looks exactly how we image a grown-up Alice would keep her garden after Wonderland. There’s a hanging bench for you to swing on, the menus have their own mini shovels, as do the hand made beer taps, dishes come in terracotta pots and there’s plenty of other extra little touches that make this space special. If you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate, book the long bench top table for a private event – with access to the self-serve beer on tap (yes, that’s right, self serve beer!). Head Chef Kahlil Rogers-Perazzo has brought fad dishes like mini hot dog sliders and popcorn chicken to life with fresh ingredients and some bite. The news that Rockpool Bar and Grill’s kitchen won’t be serving up the David Blackmore wagyu burger for a while has affected us all, but don’t worry!
From burgers and fried chicken to short ribs and sirloin steaks, and self serve beer to fun themed cocktails (think The Farmers Wife), The Potting Shed isn’t afraid to have a bit of fun.
Daily Addict gives style-conscious, busy people early access to what's on and worth knowing in the city. Potting Sheds – with regards to so which you can aerating and thus loosening dirt within little bedrooms, seems the backyard cultivator (a.
Potting Sheds – If you are browsing for data about Potting Sheds, you are come to the right site.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This 3D building collection for Poser and DAZ Studio includes a charming wooden shed fully stocked with gardening tools and wheelbarrow. All our seeding and potting sheds are available in standard or made to measure sizes and designs.
Our products are handmade with the finest quality materials and are delivered complete, felted, glazed and treated with a high grade oil based wood preservative.
You’ll find more information below on our prices and designs but if you have any questions or would like to see complete examples then please get in touch or visit us in person. Our products are also available in loglap, made to measure sizes and with a range of optional extras including addtional windows and alternative door designs (see Optional Extras below).
Orders of ?400 and over are delivered and erected free of charge within a 20 mile radius of Haverfordwest!
Timber treatmentWe only use a solvent based, pigmented wood preservative which means the active preservatives penetrate deep into the wood giving years of protection against the weather and all types of decay, while giving timber a rich long lasting colour – without hiding the grain.
Site requirementsAll of our buildings require a firm and level base and the site must be accessible.
Town and Country Timber ProductsTown and Country Timber Products are a Pembrokeshire based business with more than 20 years experience in the manufacture and supply of garden and leisure buildings.
Create the perfect botanic menagerie at the bottom of the garden which can also double up as a perfect retreat from your nagging spouse! Its aesthetically pleasing design makes this product a great focal point to your garden whilst providing a great opportunity to start growing your own fresh fruit and vegetables! Well why not protect your pride and joy from the elements with our new 2.4m x 2.4m Fennelmere™ Potting Shed!
It is the perfect place to start off your Devil’s Snare, Fanged Geranium and Flutterby Bushes. With the best of both worlds, you are able to store away all of your gardening tools and spare pots within the Potting Shed within the side built up with 16mm timber.
Conveniently created, combining both a Shed and Greenhouse into one affordable and space friendly building, a Dunster House Potting shed brings you the best of both worlds with 4mm toughened glass and 16mm pressure treated shiplap timber. And the furnishings, also weathered with some pattern and color to balance out the neutrals.
This is where they can get all their things organized from their tools to their seedlings and the like. This is essential to allow a enough sum of mild to appear by means of and advantage the crops within throughout the early components of spring. This is to prevent any sort of accident or injury just in case any of the sharp tools drops to the floor.
Every night of the week until late, this space will be serving cocktails, nibbles and dinner.
The gardening will not always talk about its tools, but also pots, fertilizers and seed tray bags. Our products are all designed to meet your exact requirements and handmade using the finest quality sustainably sourced timber. Designed with 4mm toughened glass, this product can withstand some of Britain’s harshest weather. For more muggle orientated plants, you can use a Dunster House Potting Shed for roses, fruit and vegetables or the seeds that will become your colourful garden during the Summer. As well as using the side constructed largely out of 4mm toughened glass to bring the sun in shine on, and warm up, your seeds and cuttings. Home consists of plenty parts or rooms and you could start the project from finding the right spot you want to enhance in its both roles and appearances. These sheds should be positioned really near the location in which the gardening actions are completed.
The fiberglass panels are the kinds that would enable the photo voltaic warmth and handle also the mount of mild that is necessary by the vegetation.

You can develop these on your very own or you can also just get the prefabricated varieties in the hardware and just install it your self. The Grounds is already a sprawling section of sunshine in the industrial heart of Alexandria, but now they’re making their mark right next door. This is the greatest virtual guide that teaches you how to strategy and construct structures and furniture for your residence. For members of the Wizarding world, and the muggle, you can store your pots and gardening tools within the Potting Shed as well. The other half is 4mm toughened glass, unlike perspex and horticultural glass it won’t cloud up over time, which will allow as much sun in as possible. What about if I tell you that considering the potting shed plans could are good ideas for you to apply? It should be effortlessly available and it needs a great deal a lot more if you by some means plan to make it like a mini greenhouse in time. You can also place cabinets under the potting bench for additional storage which can nonetheless be of excellent use.
By means of the My Shed Plans review, you discover that the crucial towards a productive and lucrative woodwork investment is to locate the very best woodworking project guide.
The quality in the information found in Potting Sheds (Potting Sheds) is well above anything you’ll find that you can buy. It might be the best time for you to get one as you do not possess them yet in the backyard. Ideal for keeping your Potting Shed warm and bright for the seedlings you’ve planted ready for the Summer. This similarly perform an exceptional work associated with searching weeds away supplied by in between vegetation. With the useful contents of this item, the total blueprints and illustrative guides you could by no means go wrong with your task. Well, if the answer I am getting here right now is yes, you might want to stay with me a bit while, read the rest of this article about the potting shed plans, and get yourself useful information at this moment, friends!The gardening is the most common and popular home based hobby since it offers bulks of benefits for people who are doing it. Whenever purchasing that you simply just claw, you may possibly notice versions along with different-sized mind.
More and more people are thinking about making their own pot shed to save more money from the hobby of gardening. Not only brings the boost to the total visual aspect of the house, the gardening is good for the environs where people need more extra clean air for healthy breathing and stuff. So, what kind of plan to get this time?Talk about the plans for the pot shed, there are so many of them to choose from. Gardening involves a lot of stuff, including pots, fertilizers and seed tray bags in your possession. Yet, you really need the potting shed as it offers tons of great things, including how you save a lot of money and space for this kind of hobby.
Creating your own potting shed is easy even for those who don't have any experience in building a structure of that size. Despite it is a great addition into the garden of yours, you could also build your own potting shed since it is easy and the only thing you need is the perfect plan right now.Well, once you have located the right plan to build the shed potting, the whole problems are gone in instant. It takes times for you to find the right plan for it, but it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to do so.
The problem is, how to opt the one that suits you best later on.The budget is not a crisis here since most of potting shed plans are usually cheap.

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