Those barns a great for the humans, but only one has paddocks for the horses, and that one paddock is pretty tiny.
Our Double Wide horse barns give you ample stall area with options to meet your farm needs.
Over 1500 garage, barn, storage building and shop plans with professional engineering and complete materials lists.
Free Small Barn Plans, Outbuilding Plans, Farm Barn Designs, DIY Projects and Building Guides.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. On his blog, Lloyd Alter recently announced that he is selling his Sustain miniHome prototype. For those who don't recognize the name: Lloyd writes for Treehugger, sharing some of his prefab expertise. While researching the company, we noticed Yankee Barn Homes is offering a pre-designed home shell package at a 20% discount.
Alchemy Architects recently posted the real estate listing of a weeHouse in the Northwoods of Minnesota. Designer Jennifer Siegal’s widely published prefab prototype, the OMD ShowHouse, originally priced at $295,000 just last month, gets chopped. The Desert Prefab house has been called possibly the most beautiful prefabricated building this side of the Pacific, and it's for sale! It is the house that won new respect for factory-built prefab housing: Leo Marmol's sleek, solar-powered, steel-and-glass Desert House in Desert Hot Springs, Calif.
The L-shaped house is the prototype for Marmol Radziner Prefab, an architecture and design firm based in Los Angeles.
Designed by Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann, this 9'x13' structure redefines conventional prefab with its proprietary clamping system that makes installation quick, economic and practically waste-free.

This is fulfilling the promise of prefab: Architecture as industrial design, available to anyone off the shelf at any time. Perched on a rocky promontory with panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills, from Griffith Observatory to Century City, the side-by-side Silver Lake Twins fit well within the modernist architectural tradition of the neighborhood and point to the future of prefabrication in home design.
Cheaply erected, flat-pack corrugated iron homes and farm buildings were once common in the Highlands but most have been torn down. These days, most of us associate corrugated iron with those cheap, crudely assembled homes packed together in slums across the developing world but, in the 19th century, it was one of the inventions in which Britain took pride. The miniHome Solo is solar and wind powered, a complete off-grid, self-sustaining year round machine for living. Framed with recycled steel, it features teak cabinets, concrete floors tinted the color of desert sand and glass walls. What also caught our attention about Kithaus is how it can tuck into any area, even remote locations, without needing ultra-heavy equipment. Architecture as product instead of service, possibly the future and salvation of the profession.
Our business started when our founder tried to furnish his apartment with the mid-century classics he'd come to appreciate while living in London. Anybody really believe two seperate parties are going to end up creating identical properties. Louis asking about a discrepancy between the home listed for sale on their site and the standard specifications of the model. Would a human live in a room that small, all the time, except when they went out for an hour? It consists of 10 modules in all -- four house modules and six deck modules, to encourage outdoor living. From the two-parcel, nearly 7.5 acre site on which the main house, guest house, studio and nearly 2,400 square feet of outdoor decks reside, broad panoramic vistas across the pool capture the all encompassing desert floor sweeping out to towering Mount San Jacinto and San Gorgonio.

All of the lightweight, anodized aluminum pieces are pre-cut and drilled in Southern California and shipped to you for on-site assembly. The Company markets and sells products in numerous categories to both residential and commercial customers through the DWR catalog, website and studios. In Edwardian times, a local farmer ordered it from the catalogue of a London company and had it delivered by steam train, then horse and cart, to a site near the village of Dulnain Bridge in Strathspey. The three-bedroom house features a guest wing with studio space, partially shaded decks, a swimming pool and sweeping mountain views.
Installation is fast, taking only a few days, and Kithaus is built with eco-friendly components. He assembled it by hand, so he could move his family in during the summer while he rented out his farmhouse to wealthy holidaymakers.
Maybe the horses are turned out for the day, but it doesn’t require much to add paddocks so that the horses are never stuck in a stall. With so many $$$ used for the living quarters for the people, you’d think more thought would have been given to the horses. Now, offers of more than ?175,000 are being invited but the selling price could reach as much as ?250,000. Also, you'll get a full aisle in order to do your daily tasks without being out in the weather.

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