In addition to minimizing your carbon footprint by no longer commuting to work, the OfficePOD also enhances your green credentials by having the highest rating under the Energy Performance Certificate scheme as well as under the BREEAM rating program. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The post is really nice one and full of information we appreciate the kind of information you have provided in this post. Our West Vancouver client wanted something they couldn’t get from any other supplier in Vancouver. Here is a cute little Modern-Shed Backyard Office we built in the fall of 2012 in North Vancouver. We worked with the client to pick the right location in their yard, the right paint colour, siding type, deck configuration, you name it! This North Vancouver Shed is located on a heavily treed lot that rarely sees the full light of day.
I started going through all the projects we completed in 2013 and realized that I didn’t post any pictures (or very few) for the majority of them. We are very close to releasing photo galleries for all 33 Project Buildings in 2013 but here is a sneak-peak of one of my favourites of the year.
Resting atop a hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Randy Dixon and Deborah Haensli’s Modern-Shed is the perfect getaway from hectic city living. Randy, an accomplished member of Seattle’s theatre world, and his wife, Deborah, who works in business, lead a fast-paced, active life in the Emerald City.

But at least once a month, and more in the summer, they enjoy escaping to their home in the San Juan Islands. The term “man cave” first entered our vernacular in 1992, when Toronto columnist Joanne Lovering jokingly suggested an alternative name for the basement, as reported in a humorous historical look at the man cave in the LA Times last year. Wikipedia defines a man cave — also known as a manland, mantuary or a manspace; as a male sanctuary or room inside or outside of the home that provides men with a place to de-stress, indulge in their hobbies or generally “do as they please” without upsetting the “female sensibilities” of a home. SEATTLE — Before she and her husband bought a Modern-Shed, Ruth Hendry found her work tucked away in all corners of their home. Ruth has worked with felt for several years, transforming fiber materials into cloth objects — she creates everything from wall hangings to scarves, and seat cushions to dresses.
Ruth’s husband suggested that she rent a studio work space, but that idea did not appeal to her.
JACKSON HOLE — As a musician, Beth McIntosh felt she really needed four walls of her own, it was time for a Prefab Music Studio.
The award-winning singer-songwriter lives in Wilson, Wyoming, a small burg nestled in the Jackson Hole Valley, where temperatures often drop 20 below zero degrees Fahrenheit. For years, Beth wrote songs, practiced on her guitar and keyboard and taught music lessons out of a beloved restored vintage travel trailer in her backyard. As people begin to work from home more frequently by harnessing cloud networking and wireless technology, OfficePOD allows the masses to have an environment close to home where they can still maintain a work mentality, but with the benefit of their own kitchens being nearby.
In fact, according to an independent study, by opting for an OfficePOD you can cut your own CO2 emissions by between 46 and 67 percent.

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They wanted a modern shed made with their own doors custom doors that were left over from the renovation of their house.
Don't know if we could have a flat angled room in Colorado with the amount of snow we get.Tim Mosbo added this to Home OfficeFebruary 4, 2015I like this one for the basic template to work off of. Because of these wonderful information in this post the blog can be viewed again and again. One for small item storage; garbage cans, recycling etc and the other for large items like Bike and Lawn Mowers. Good size, I like the french doors off to the side like that, Windows at the top instead of skylight. Well then, for a mere ?14,950 ($24,400) plus installation and VAT, you too can have your own office away from the office.

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