Sheds in the Great DepressionWith the financial and market meltdown one of two things may be happening: You are moving home to live with Mom, or you are mom or dad and the kids are moving back with you. FOOTHILL COUNTRY SHEDS AND SHELTERS   This little business has some really beautiful sheds here. BUILD A SIMPLE SHED   This is a very good presentation of how to build a good strong 8ft x 8ft shed. CAREFREE SMALL BUILDINGS   This is a large eastern shed building company based in the state of Connecticut. KAUFFMAN BUILDERS   Lots of nice sheds here and they all have very nicely matched color combinations. RIVER VIEW WOOD SHEDS   This business located on the East Coast of the United States, has a flip book on their website for viewing their shed projects. REEDS FERRY SHEDS   This new listing, a New England business takes shed building to a new level, something i have not seen anywhere. TUINDECO SHEDS   None of the sheds i see on this website use solid sheets of plywood as far as i can tell. We keep stock of virtually all the product ranges here in the UK to enable a quick delivery for our customers.

SHEDWORKING   For those of you who like to work in your backyard shed at home, this might be a nice book for you to have in your personal library.
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FOX COUNTRY SHEDS   This business has a nice website with adequate pictures and videos of their products and construction techniques. Single Car and Prefab Garages are built to the highest standards of quality in the heart of Lancaster County, PA.
FINE HOMEBUILDING   This website linked to here is really kind of an online magazine and a very good too.
DERKSEN PORTABLE BUILDINGS   They have about 12 US states with dealers of their sheds. All side walls already put together for you in what is called a prefab kit so there's no assembly of two by fours and smart panel sheeting to put together. Important Before Ordering - Check with your local code authorities for zoning variances & subdivision covenants.
This little cottage classic Gable storage shed is ideal for storing patio furniture and right on tractors, as well as bicycles in common household items, making way for additional living space in your home.

This shed is where I sort things out, make notes of what I will plant, and store and dry seeds. During the growing season I spend several hours a week in here; on warm summer nights I take my mattress and sleep out there. Unfortunately, not that many could afford it.One of the first to recognize a niche for small, modern garden prefabs was California designer Edgar Blazona, who started selling the MD100 in 2004.
Adding on a room to a house is really expensive and disruptive, and doesn't really let you get away.
On the other hand, a shed can be stylistically different, can be installed temporarily, and can be a quick fix if you have a need for more space.

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