If you think your friend would like to know about this product please complete the form below. Whether youa€™re building a garden studio, a timber framed office or simply putting up a lightweight shed or greenhouse, QBS have a wide range of eco-friendly foundation solutions to suit your project.
ProBASE is a super-strong and eco-friendly interlocking grid system for garden buildings, including: sheds, cabins and greenhouses. QuickJACK PRO is an easy-to-fit adjustable base foundation system for all sizes of garden building and decking areas.

QuickJACK HS is an easy-to-fit adjustable base system for all sizes of garden building and decking areas on hard surfaces. The EasyPAD foundation system is an easy-to-use foundation pad for a wide range of garden buildings large or small.
Please call us if you would like help or advice with your project using the number above or use the contact form below.
Your shed must be supported on a strong and level base to provide maximum anchorage for the building and decrease movement of the structure.Additionally it is important for air to circulate under the building and raise the floor from the damp ground minimising moisture damage to the timber.

Made from pressure treated FSC timber, this base is strong, long lasting and protected from rot and insects.

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