Here's another really simple yet effective way of brightening your living space without breaking the bank. Once you have selected your baskets, find a well ventilated open space and lay down plenty of newspaper to protect the surrounding area. Take your Valspar Spray Paint and apply short even coats, this may take a little while but the finish will be better.
You'll need to gradually work your way around the basket double checking you've reached all the nooks and crannies.

Allow 30 minutes for the outside of the basket to dry then move on to the inside remembering to apply short even coats.
Wicker baskets come in many styles and sizes and are perfect for storage anywhere in the house - for tidying up children's toys, keeping your magazines in one place in the living room or even in the hallway. However, they are particularly useful in the kitchen for keeping your fresh fruit or vegetables to hand. You can choose to either co-ordinate your baskets in keeping with your kitchen's colour scheme, or you may prefer to make a bold statement with a bright colour.

Both are quick and easy with Valspar spray paints, and you'll soon have convenient way of remembering to eat your five a day.

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