Our modular systems mean you can design a building that fits your property, and has all the features you need. Ranbuild buildings are manufactured from the finest, Australian made steel products, for added strength and durability. Ranbuild Sheds come complete with Slab Plan, Bill of Materials, Steel Marking Plan and Erection Manual (explained below). RanbuildA® is a leader in the design and manufacture of cold-formed galvanised steel buildings.
RanbuildA® are in business for the long haul and is a valuable business contact for both now and in the future.
RanBuildA® is the longest established supplier of prefabricated steel garages, barns, shelters, farm sheds and shed kits in Australia. RanbuildA® Pty Ltd is fully owned by BlueScope Steel, one of Australiaa€™s largest and most respected building companies.
RanbuildA® specialises in building sheds for the Domestic, Rural, Industrial and Equine markets. RanbuildA® manufacture a large and varied range of metal sheds and garages for all sorts of applications. To view a samples of these types of sheds Please See the Right Hand Menus for pictures and examples. Hunter Sheds is a local business that distributes RanbuildA® Sheds, Garages and various quality products in the Hunter Region.
The Colorbond Colours offer a modern range of 20 designer colours for Roofing, Walling, Guttering, Downpipes and Fascias. Hunter Sheds uses COLORBONDA® Steel we have supplied some handy maintenance information from their website and a Colorbond Colour chart for your information. The big advantage of using COLORBONDA® steel for many products is that you know the Colorbond Colours will coordinate perfectly with those on your COLORBONDA® steel roof, fence, gutters and downpipes. Made to last with a corrosion resistant ZINCALUMEA® steel base and an oven-baked paint finish to resist peeling, flaking and blistering in normal weather conditions.
You can help ensure the long life of your shed or garage manufactured from COLORBONDA® steel by following these simple guidelines. Some areas of a shed or garage, such as the top of roller doors or overhanging eaves, might not be exposed to rain.
Not maintaining a free drip edge by having the steel edge held in contact with other materials (including bricks, pavers, concrete slabs and even other metallic products) can cause accelerated corrosion. These Tips and others are on the COLORBONDA® Website Click the COLORBONDA® Logo below to see them. Ranbuild have a strong and durable range of carports to choose from, with gable & flat roof carports we have a carport design to suit your needs. Choose your span, then combine standard, wide or open bays, access doors, windows, skylights and more.

The included documentation makes putting up your Ranbuild Shed yourself a lot easier than any of our competitors. Only the latest techniques and materials are used to produce our state of the art structures.
Customers can be assured of the companya€™s product, expertise, integrity and solid financial position. The vast range of shed designs will ensure RanbuildA® can exceed your requirements for any type of shed you may need.
There is also a choice of cladding profiles and colours to suit most tastes or requirements. As a result, dust and dirt can build up which, in combination with condensation, may lead to accelerated corrosion. At Novobuild, colas, shelters and shelter sheds are our speciality!The advantage of shelters and colas over conventional enclosed buildings is they allow far greater natural air flow and light.Ranbuild shelters are not just enclosed buildings without walls though.
Our designs are fully engineered in accordance with Australian Building Codes, and are supplied with documentation to simplify building approval. You can choose whether to assemble your building yourself and save, or the Ranbuild Sheds Bega team can organise an experienced construction team to erect your building.
You won’t find a better design or product to resist rust, fire or termites in isolated rural locations.
All Ranbuild carports are manufactured from galvanised steel and can withstand a range of weather conditions. Open side and end sheds must be specially designed to withstand wind loads and uplift without the aid of wall cladding and conventional bracing. With over 60 years experience in the steel building industry, Ranbuild know how to get it right the first time.
All steel components are supplied cut to length with the frame members and cleats already punched. Fabric covers do not completely block the sun’s ultra violet rays thereby increasing the risk of over exposure and skin cancer. Ranbuild solid covers block all direct rays and are easily fitted with guttering and down pipes to catch and store every drop of valuable rainwater.At Novobuild, we can tailor shelters and colas to fit just about any site, large or small.
This design incorporates the design and economy of the monoslope buildings, but with wider spans to cover larger areas.
They can be constructed as open or enclosed, or with a combination of open and enclosed bays. The modular, portal frame construction principal allows almost any length with combinations of different bay sizes to suit various site conditions. So if you want to cover a few tables and chairs, or an assembly area, or even complete ball courts, we can help.Appearance is not everything, although our shelters and colas do look clean and neat. In saying that, nothing is spared in the design of buildings for your children’s protection.

Sub frame members, also manufactured from galvanised steel, are bolted between the main frames to prevent twisting and distortion under wind load.Safety and security under cover are also important. Ranbuild have removed the potentially dangerous diagonal wall braces and replaced them with lateral braces high up the columns and out of harm’s way. These protective items are available in the full range of COLORBOND ® colours to match the shelter or other buildings.Extra protection is available with the addition of curtain walls and gable infills.
The standard roof pitch across the range is 10 degrees, however a steeper 26 degree option is available for spans up to and including 12m. These low cost and functional additions provide a barrier from the sun, wind or driving rain on higher buildings constructed over ball courts, play or assembly areas.
Gable roof sheds are also ideal for on-farm processing buildings such as cotton gins, shearing sheds, fruit and vegetable packing sheds. Full, part and curtain walls are available in ZINCALUME ® or COLORBOND ® steel cladding.There are, of course, many other uses for shelter sheds.
As with all farm sheds, guttering and down pipes to ground level are included as standard unless nominated otherwise. Storage ShedsThe Ranbuild Covermaster building series is one of the most versatile sheds on the market.
Some industries such as brick works, quarries, timber mills and boat building yards require open side buildings for protection of plant, machinery or work in progress.Bus depots and trucking yard operators know how important it is to store their vehicles under cover to reduce fading and rusting. They can be shaped and modified in ways to make them suitable for all sorts of farming activities. There are an increasing number of car sales yards with wide span shelters to protect their vehicle stock from hail as well as the sun and rain.Shelter sheds are often constructed on farms and rural properties. Others are primarily for the purpose of protecting livestock such as sheep and cattle yards or feed lots.
One of the newer applications are riding arenas catering for riding schools and equestrian training. Big ShedsBroadacre farmers laugh at garage companies trying to sell stretched garages as farm sheds.
When you’ve got big machines to cover, you want wide bays, deep spans and high clearances. Sheds such as Ranbuild Covermasters and Cottonmasters are real farm sheds for real farmers. Novobuild can also supply several other variations of Ranbuild sheds for rural applications.
For example, pump sheds offer protection to valuable pumping equipment and electronic controls.

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