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We're admittedly on a bit of a record storage box kick today so here's our next installment.
OverviewEngineered specifically for active files, harsh environments and Professional Records Management Applications.
Designed with the serious collector in mind in the perfect size and dimension for those old lps, these boxes provide the ideal storage and presentation solution for your cherished vintage music collections. Boxes are constructed of durable core then hand wrapped in lignin free materials covering all raw edges and lined in archival grade bright white paper.

These handmade birch storage boxes were designed and made by Finish designer Harri Koskinen (known for his Block Lamp featured in MoMA) and their elegant rounded design is really beautiful.
Plastic handle, reinforced hinges and over all sturdy construction complete the quality construction and provide reliable and long lasting performance. These archival file box racks and steel box shelves organize all types of boxes to maximize space efficiency. In addition to the square pieces above, Harri also designed a LP case that is half the width of these and features a metal handle on the top. The shelves move on tracks to open one or two movable aisles whenever someone needs access to stored boxes.

For more information on archival file box racks and box storage shelving products, please call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.

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