My business is small and relatively new so I am having so much fun learning about the “handmade” marketplace, exploring and researching ways to make my albums better, and finding wonderful blogs like this one where crafters and artists can grow and share! I lost my mom when I was a teenager so sharing stories through pictures and preserving memories is a passion of mine.
What have you made recently?I recently made a different type of album to store greeting cards in. Why are handmade crafts important to you?I think there is something so special about creating or owning something that was made with care by a person, rather than a machine. Becky Striepe is a green blogger and independent crafter with a passion for vintage fabrics. Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. I grew up in a crafty household and have always enjoyed making things and learning new techniques. Handmade goods are usually more unique, creative and of better quality than mass produced goods. What got you started crafting?I grew up in a crafty household and have always enjoyed making things and learning new techniques.
What have you made recently?I generally start a new design by looking through my collection of vintage images. Where do you sell your crafts presently?I have my own website where you can purchase products and read my blog. Why are handmade crafts important to you?Handmade goods are usually more unique, creative and of better quality than mass produced goods. My Parents found these two fun paper fans, I thought it would be fun to give them a makeover. This is a fun way to place quote or saying throughout your home, all you need is the cover from a damaged book and some sheet music. I was born in 1986, so I don’t have very many fond memories of the 8 track tape, I do however remember we had a really old suburban truck that had an 8 track tape player. In my bathroom, I have always had issues with the wall decor, I have had my eyes peeled when at the thrift store.
If you are like me, and find it ridiculous to pay so much for unique and awesome envelopes and note paper to send letters to friend and family you are gona love this idea. If you love hiking and camping like I do, you probably love to collect fun specimens when you are on your trip. If you have a space at home that you want to throw a splash of color on, but want something simple and minimalistic not, not too busy, this is perfect!

About a week ago I found this chair in the dumpster by my house, we live in this area with like 5 apartments  so their is fun stuff in the trash all the time! Everyone really loved the Washi Paper Coffee table I made a week or so ago, But not everyone needs a coffee table to be refinished…. There are so many fun things to make out of old board games, I have seen people turn them into wall clocks, shelving and even furniture. I LOVE beer, I live in San Diego so we have awesome micro breweries, and I also like to try stuff from around the country. Music is such a wonderful thing, everyone has that song that brings back memories and so I decided to do some lyric artwork. I found this twig wreath in my local thrift store, it had some silk easter flowers attached to it, just a few…. I am a HUGE fan of Chad Eaton’s artwork and T-shirts Called Timber, which are based on lumberjacks, business men and big foot.
I have a few friends that are interior designers, when working on projects with different clients, they quickly collect a treasure trove of super awesome fabric. Vintage encyclopedias offer a wealth of cheesy illustrations, and how could you let that go to waste! Small, mobile and wooden sibling to large steel cargo containers, pallets are the modular currency of export and import shipping companies around the world. While a wooden pallet manufacturer might disagree, this is good news for DIY tinkerers can get treated wood ones for sale or even free at times and the one-size-fits all approach means that in many cases you can plan a design and reuse that schematic over multiple furniture pieces from different pallets. And thus we come to the work of studiomama, one such designer looking to make the most of this ever-more-abundant source of construction parts – and explore the different ways the constituent boards can be broken apart and put back together. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Seeing those little snippets of time, preserved forever, and wanting to know or tell the story behind each one.
And when you use reclaimed wood - like fallen tree limbs or driftwood - in your crafting, you're not only harvesting free craft supplies. Make Beads (or buttons!) - Slice up a skinny tree limb, and use a drill to turn them into beads!
Tree Stump Card Holder - Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, it's fun to display those cards, isn't it? Driftwood Candelabra - This simple driftwood candle holder makes a sweet centerpiece for the table. I think driftwood is so beautiful in home decor, and I absolutely adore your idea to make beads from skinny tree limbs. I was always drawn to paper, but didn’t realize how obsessed I was until I made my own wedding invitations.

I love the care and attention to detail that goes into handmade products, as well as the personal connection you have with the artisan. I believe in placing awesome bling on your fridge, it’s typically such an under decorated area, why the heck not spice it up.
The recycling of used ones is increasing, too, as manufacturers are shifting to sell more and more plastic ones (or high-end metal ones that are both rust-resistant and fireproof).
You're also bypassing the big box store and all of the social and environmental issues that surround shopping for mass produced goods. If you've made something cool out of reclaimed wood, I'd love to hear about it in the comments, too! Instead of just drilling a center hole, you could also do thinner slices and drill 2-4 holes to make your own wooden buttons.
You need a branchy branch for this project - ones with lots of offshoots to hang your ornaments.
F Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.
By taking small steps you can start to incorporate eco-friendly options into your life that will both reduce your impact on the earth and improve the quality of your life. I tend to work on several designs at once, switching back and forth as different ideas pop into my head. The process of selecting papers, color combinations and graphic elements really sparked something in me.
I could spend an entire day at a flea market or second-hand shop, digging for buried treasure. What is for sale, instead, are a series of instruction manuals, photo books and other related merchandise. We feature sustainable products, ideas and news to help you to help you on your journey to a greener lifestyle.
This is not only a clever way to tap into a market of do-it-yourself customers who would rather be giving plans than a finished product, but also more sustainable (and perhaps less ironic) than simply boxing and shipping reconstituted containers that you could just as easily get locally.The tables, chairs and lamps themselves are both playful and pragmatic. FSC-certified means that the paper is made only from well-managed forests, controlled sources, and recycled wood or fiber.

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