You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Organizing your trash and recycling bins has never been easier with the Large Garbage Can Storage Shed. Constructed from solid wood for an attractive look that is weather-resistant and durable as well. The Large Garbage Can Storage Shed will hold multiple bins of various sizes to keep your trash, recycling and yard waste well-organized.
The Garbage Can Storage Shed is made entirely with solid wood from the cypress family, a strong and durable wood species that is known for its resistance to decay.
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Curbside Lift Gate Delivery s usually included for this item, but please be prepared to unpack it from the truck in the event that it is unavailable. You will get a phone call from the carrier to make an appointment before they attempt delivery. We kept having animals in our trash barrels and I did not want a big rubber shed in our driveway.
This shed has an internal size of 61 inches wide by 36 inches deep, with a height of 51 inches at the back and 47 inches in the front. It is fairly easy to assemble, but I’d recommend having an assistant to help with the lid and doors.
With a pneumatic lid that stays open independently, you only need one hand to open, making taking out the trash very easy and with less stray debris.

The instructions are well written and easy to follow with; there are pressure dots to help show where the screws belong. All the necessary instructions, hardware, screws and hinges to complete the assembly are included. In the future we are going to use caulk to apply to the underside, but I my expectations are that an outdoor shed should not leak.

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