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Lots of people think of mini storage units being a short term option and solution to their storage needs but but that short term need ends up being an expensive long term money drain on a unit that will never be your own. Jacksonville NC Rent to Own Sheds offer a solution to that problem because you have the luxury of having your unit be in your yard accessible at any and all times as well as your investing in a unit that will indeed be yours one day when you choose.

Yes, some of the mini storage units are climate controlled but also in our Graceland Portable Storage units in Jacksonville, NC they have Aluminum Soffit vents that allows the buildings to stay 15 degrees cooler on the inside. When deciding on a storage solution the benefits of having a Graceland Portable Storage building outweighs any benefits that the mini storage units could offer. Call your local Capitol Sheds dealer today to find out how to get a secure and customized storage shed delivered to your own back yard or to your business for as little as $66 per month for a 8 x 10 shed.

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