As you may know, there are many different types of shed roof styles, ranging from flat to multi-layered or sloped. Along the top edge of your shed’s walls, position four beams that are 1-2 inches wider than the walls flat across the top of each wall’s edge and bolt them in place at the corners.
Measure the midline of the two end beams, making sure that the measurements are accurate, as both ends need to line up. Rafters should be 24” apart and need to be notched with a Stopper Cut on the bottom edge a few inches up the beam from the lower end of the rafter. Installing a roof can be quite difficult, but you don’t have to be a master carpenter to install a basic gable roof; with some math skills and knowledge of angles, anyone has what it takes for building a shed roof. I bought a rental with a shed in the back and the first tenant stayed until he died, the second one stayed until I sold the place. Not only do we not understand the universe, if someone explained it to us, we would not know what he was talking about.
Interesting,,,,, I wasn't thinking of letting tenants have use of the shed, but that's a great consideration. Also a pic of a mother's day flowerbox & bench that I built yesterday (with cedar from my sawmill !).

I have recently discovered rot in the roof of the log cabin in our garden which is used as an office. As you are trying to keep the cost down i would advise against marine ply - this is very expensive. With this variety of styles, also comes a variety in the degree of difficulty involved in making them. When each beam is in place, they should look like a rectangle or square (depending on the shape of your shed) frame when looking down at the shed.
Typically, plywood is used for this step, but you can use any sturdy material that you’re comfortable with. If you do decide on cost grounds to use OSB be aware that it comes in three grades with different degrees of resistance to moisture the one to use wher it is for a critical element such as a roof is OSB3.
And not totally necessary. Prsonaly i would go for standard WBP plywood in either 12mm or 18mm (dependant on the strength of the supporting structure) Ensure you but joint the boards tightly and nail securely to the supports to avoid movement. One of the simplest roofing designs is the gabled roof, mainly because it does not use a truss system. These beams need to be very securely attached, as they are the supporting components of your roof.

When using plywood, nail it to each rafter making sure to attach it securely at the top, bottom, and middle.
You may need to order this specially or go to a specialist timber supplier, general builders merchants (eg Travis Perkins) may give you a blank look when you ask what grade it is they stock.
Once the two vertical beams have been securely attached, the Cross Beam needs to be installed.
For a more finished look, roofing tiles can be layered on top of the plywood, starting at the bottom edge of the roof and working upwards to insure water runs off the roof instead of in between the tiles. It is best to create a template first for these cuts and then use it to cut each rafter, so all of the rafters fit into place identically. Use a cold cure bitumen to stick the edges down and dab a little over all nails used to fix the felt - ensure you use the correct type of nail - they are designed to not rust and have a large head to avoid tearing through the felt. Then lay bitumen shingles as per the instruction as above use a cold cure bitumen to seal the tiles on the edges to stop the wind getting under the shingle and ligting it. In addition to rafters being spaced 24” apart, each side of the roof’s rafters should line up across from each other at the Cross Beam.

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