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Lowes is one store that carries a couple of nice storage sheds by brands such as Suncast and Duraworx in various styles and sizes. I wanted a shed to store my gardening equipment and decided to build my own from plan. The Factor 4x6 resin shed from Keter Plastic provides the extra space you require at a price you can afford. These storage sheds from Lowes are made in heavy duty plastic, and resin, so they are very durable and sturdy.
This shed is easy to assemble and lasts far longer than wooden sheds because it won't rot, crack, or warp under the elements. This is something one should carefully think about: the sturdiness, and also if it's easy to clean. With a Keter shed, you never have to worry about termites or other pests and the Factor shed is completely maintenance free.
Plastic and resin are great for keeping clean, all you need to do is to hose the shed down with some water and it will clean up in no time. To clean an outdoor Keter storage shed, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth several times or lightly hose off the exterior.
A Suncast storage shed can hold small garden tools or larger garden equipment, depending on the size of the shed.
These Suncast storage buildings are made out of resin which makes them very durable and they require no maintenance. With a fixed window, skylight and extended roof line, the Apex 4x6 shed won't feel claustrophobic or dark and the air vents near the roof ensure that gasoline and other chemical fumes won't build up over time. The Duraworx storage sheds are also maintenance free and feature durable, strong designs that are easy to put together.

Lowes does overall carry a pretty large selection of garden structures which would be worth looking at if you have a storage problem and would like more space to organize tools and equipment.
To be able to protect these sheds from the elements such as rain, wind and sun can go a long way towards prolonging the life of tools and accessories.
If you're in the market for outdoor storage but only need to store a few pieces of equipment, the 4x6 shed offers an inexpensive alternative to larger sheds without compromising on build quality or looks. Toys and bicycles are also best protected under a roof so you might even find that an even larger shed than you first thought of would be appropriate once you start thinking about how many things could go in there. However, the quality of material used, together with the quality of the mortar and workmanship can strongly affect the durability of the overall masonry construction. CMU walls can be reinforced by filling the block voids with concrete and steel reinforcing bars. Typically, not all voids are filled, but rather those at corners, wall ends, adjacent to window and door openings, which increase wall strength and stability. Placement of steel reinforcement generally results in a CMU walls having much greater lateral and tensile strength than unreinforced walls. It can be obtained in two ways: from natural outcroppings or scattered deposits, and by the process of quarrying. Stones may be laid up in their natural form, or broken and squared, or shaped, for the proper fit with other stones in the wall. In this process, stone is drilled, blasted, fractured or cut from the quarry face, and then shaped and finished for use in construction. In addition, concrete masonry units may be used to create attractive patterns and designs to produce an almost unlimited range of architectural treatments of wall surfaces. The following are some more prominent uses: • Exterior load-bearing walls (below and above grade) • Interior load-bearing or non load bearing walls • Fire walls, party walls, curtain walls • Partitions, panel walls, solar screens • Backing for brick, stone, stucco, and other exterior facings • Veneer or nonstructural facing for wood, concrete, or masonry • Fire protection of structural steel members • Firesafe enclosures of stairwells, elevator shafts, storage vaults, or fire hazardous work areas • Piers, pilasters, columns • Bond beams, lintels, sills • Floor and roof systems • Retaining walls, slope protection, ornamental garden walls, and highway sound barriers • Chimneys and fireplaces • Catch basins, manholes, valve vaults • Paving and turf block Solid brick masonry is made of two or more layers with the units running horizontally (called “stretcher” bricks) bound together with bricks running transverse to the wall (called “header” bricks).
The pattern of headers and stretchers employed gives to different bonds such as the common bond, with every sixth course composed of headers, the English bond, and the Flemish bond, with alternating stretcher and header bricks present on every course.

There are no real significant utilitarian differences between most bonds, but the appearance of the finished walls is affected. Brickwork, like unreinforced concrete, has little tensile strength, and works by everything being kept in compression. The stack bond is a run of stretchers with each stretcher stacked centered on the stretcher below it. The smallest end of the brick is horizontal, aligned with the surface of the wall and exposed to the weather.
The pattern often alternates with several courses projecting bricks, and several courses that are aligned with the wall. The pattern of projecting quoins often alternates with the brickwork on the other side of the corner. In order to give concrete bricks color, additives are necessary to create the variety of colors. During the concrete curing process, if the bricks are not properly cured prior to being delivered to the jobsite, shrinking and cracking will appear at the mortar joints and can allow water to enter the wall cavity. Overall, respondents ranked concrete favorably for its energy efficiency, durability and reduced maintenance. Over 500 individuals participated in the blind survey presented in an Internet survey form by a third party web host. Additionally, “the superior insulation, air tightness, and mass of the walls can reduce energy for heating and cooling by up to 40%.

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