When youa€™ve maxed out the space in your garage, ita€™s time for a Suncast Storage Building. The windows are a tinted Plexiglas with a rubber seal to protect the inside from the elements.
The Suncast Alpine Resin Storage Shed Model BMS8000 has windows made from high quality plastic resin which includes UV protection. Stroll through the full double-door opening of a Suncast Walk-in Shed and take a look around at all the stuff you can store. Suncast warrants to original purchaser only that the enclosed product is free from material and workmanship defects under normal household use at time of purchase.
I did not have to pass inspection, however I did use qty (4) 18" heavy gauge wire augers in the ground at a slight angle & vinyl wrapped wire over the 4 corners under the roof panels, but over the center metal beam for some wind resistance. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Suncast 8x3 resin plastic storage shed is an ideal shed for small yards or where positioning is limited as in apartments or condominiums. The Suncast 8x3 shed is constructed with a heavy duty ridged resin material that will not crack or splinter.
A unique feature with the 8x3 is that is ships with a tough resin floor (unlike other models.) The double doors can be locked with a standard pad lock (not included) keeping all your belongings safe and secure.

Suncast sheds are tastefully designed and will look good in any yard setting from traditional to modern.
These sheds feature reinforced gable-style roofs, reinforced floors, walk-in accessibility through the full double doors and optional accessory kits to make it easy to store and find what you need. The size makes it great for housing all the large equipment you use, while the optional accessory kits increase storage space and offer easy access to smaller items. I am sure this is not tornado or hurricane proof, but secure enough to keep the shed from rolling like a Texas tumbleweed in an average storm. At 8 feet wide and 3 feet deep, the 8x3 offers a surprising amount of storage space which is made very accessible by its double door access. They are built for durability, designed to protect your stuff from weather and look good in your back yard.
These walk-in sheds have reinforced gable-style roofs, are built for durability, designed to protect your stuff from weather and look good doing it.
If you are laying the floor directly on the ground you need to do site prep., level area and compact soil, or lay a gravel base to set the floor on. You measure the distances dig out the piling pits, secure them keep your measurements, heights, and positions level.
In California as long as it is structure that can be moved, tarp style carport, shed, etc then you don't need a permit.

The floor and roof are made from durable resin, and the sturdy floor offers extra reinforcement to support even the heaviest items. If you live in a high wind area, you might consider using hurricane straps on the building.
Then you can drill through the framing lumber and bolt them down after the pilings have cured.
You need to make sure your measurements are accurate and your tubes and pilings remain level or you will have all kinds of problems.
You can also review your plans with your local inspector or look on line for more detailed help. About Suncast Corporation:Suncast is known for its high-quality, low-maintenance storage products and accessories. Suncast's full line of products includes everything from storage lockers to sheds and bins.
Suncast pieces are designed for low-maintenance, worry-free performance that's versatile enough to suit your every need.

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