It’s constructed of UV-resistant high-density polyethylene and has simulated wood-grain wall panels, shutters, and a shingled roof design.
Ia€™d have to say that when I popped open the box to put the shed together, I thought that it would be harder than it is, but ita€™s not all that hard. Not because it really takes that many hands, but because ita€™s so big, youa€™re going to need someone to hold it until you get it so that it can stand on its own.When I was looking at sheds, I went all out and researched and looked over many shed and settled on this one. I really liked the durability of the Rubbermaid sheds, but I wasn't so much a fan of the look.
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Still, we liked the fact that it was plastic because wea€™ve had metal sheds before and they always turn ugly in the course of a year. We just use this shed to put normal yard equipment in and I love the fact that it has shelves inside to put things on. I always hate sheds that dona€™t have shelves because youa€™re leaving so much room on the walls to put things and if you do put up your own make-shift shelves, they never look that great.
This one not only looks great, but holds up to anything you put on it.Havena€™t had any problems with the shed so far and it still looks great. Not that hard.I have to tell you that if there any secrets to shed building, ita€™s not to take it quick.

Youa€™re not going to be able to throw it together in one sitting and if you do, youa€™ll wish that you would have taken your time.

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