Garages  As you consider how to better enjoy your back yard, and gain increased value from it, think about investing in one of our Rick's sheds. This quaint roofline with its 18" front overhang lets you keep your windows open in light rain without concern. At Rick's Lawn Furniture we are proud to offer our DreamSpaces line of storage sheds by our parent company Lapp Structures. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Each one is constructed in our shop in Lancaster County PA by Amish craftsmen who share our pride in superior workmanship. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). From there we ship our outdoor sheds across PA and the surrounding area.With the DreamSpaces line of sheds in PA, the concept is expand your expectation beyond just a simple storage shed.
Perhaps some economical storage for your mower or lawn tools is all you need - and we can certainly accommodate that.

But if you're going to increase the benefit you receive from your back yard, try thinking outside the box. It can offer shade for those hot sunny days, shelter for a changing room in addition to the pool supplies, as well as a place to serve your guests from like a concession stand.If you'd like to expand your garden, take a look at one of our Garden Sheds. With their attractive wide overhangs and steep pitch roof, they can blend into nearly any setting. Have us install a potting bench, with windows or skylights for plenty of light, and some shelves for all of your garden supplies. We can bring it out, ready to go, directly from the shop!Or if your hobbies involve woodworking or tinkering on your classic car, we have double or single garage sheds with large doors to facilitate getting your equipment or lumber in and out with ease. Floors on come strengthened with additional joists to support the weight of whatever you may bring inside. Or, consider going with a two story prefab garage, which could allow you to store parts or lumber upstairs, freeing up the area below for you to work.As you search for the perfect Amish storage shed, one thing to look for is quality of not only workmanship, but materials as well. Every aspect of the building, from the 2x4s and wood sheeting to the final steps of paint and hardware, is made with products that give us confidence it will last for years to come.

You will find that lesser-quality sheds may have a life expectancy of 10-15 years; you can expect double the life and more from a DreamSpace. This is in large part because we have partnered with LP Building Products, and their line of wood sheeting products designed for sheds. They are specifically designed to withstand the moisture that sheds are subjected to - both from the weather outside, and from wet mowers or dripping vehicles that may be stored inside. Our most basic wood siding offers a limited 50-year mfgr warranty, with additional mfgr warranties on roof shingles and other products. For peace of mind, we also put our own five-year guarantee on each building as well.Take time to browse the various rooflines and styles available and dream about how you can make one yours.

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