New and updated designs, incorporated with old techniques handed down from Amish craftsmen, was the beginning of Groffdale Barn's legacy of being the first to design a modular horse barn that stood up to the quality that horse owners demand. After seeing the quality barns, homeowners and contractors started requesting a bigger barn. In addition to custom Modular Barns, 10', 12', and 14' wide Shed Row Stables and up to 50' long Run In Sheds are available. Groffdale Barns also offers a variety of Tack Boxes, Saddle Racks, and Cabinets that will keep your barn organized and enhance the beauty of your facility. We offer Custom Barn Delivery along the East Coast throughout PA, NJ, MD, VA, WV, NY, and CT, using a specially equipped trailer. Each of the sheds, barns, and garages are custom built by our experienced craftsmen and design professionals.
Designed with both your style and your lifestyle in mind, our attractive storage barn collections offer something for everyone. Our new and updated brochure is full of of gorgeous Riehl Quality barns, garages, and sheds.
The design of the Victorian style storage shed is sure to be envy of your neighbors with its attention to beautiful details.

New in 2013, this CAREFREE VINYL SIDED SHED is the ULTIMATE of the Premier Carefree Sheds line. This 24x24 Prefab Car Garage also sports a 10x22 lean-to which was custom built for a Sheds Unlimited customer in Millersville, MD for around $23,000 (not including the pad). Used an existing planter bed and built a 24' x 10' chicken coop with operable windows and large run. In 1984, Moses Riehl started building small Sheds, Row Stables and Run-In Sheds in his shop adjacent to his horse barn. Groffdale Barns offers a numerous variety of designs, in a wide range of sizes, from a shed to the barn of your dreams, or you can customize it yourself.
We believe a great storage structure should not only offer you the extra space you need, but also add style, beauty and versatility to your backyard. From basic sheds to truly inspired structures, you're sure to find exactly what you need to enhance your landscape and your quality of life.
The A-Frame style is named for the classic 'A' shaped roof and is a versatile hobby bench, equipment storage space, and garden shed.
Built by Sheds Unlimited of Lancaster County, PA this building is available for direct purchase and delivery to PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond.

Every Garage from Sheds Unlimited is custom built according to the customer specifications.
These modular two story buildings are available to be delivered in two sections in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond. Having been raised in an Amish home and community, Moses had horses of his own, and saw the need for strong and permanent shelters for horses.
These six-inch by six-inch structural beams, oak framing and kickboards have proven to hold up to the test of time. Located in the heart of Amish Lancaster County, PA we serve customers throughout PA, DE, NJ, and beyond. Each Victorian A-Frame Barn is custom built to meet your needs and is available in many sizes, a vinyl or wood exterior, and a variety of color combinations. Purchase with confidence when you buy a Groffdale Barn, knowing that you are buying a barn that contains value, worth, and decades of experience.

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