We have been in the midst of transforming our home office into a mudroom for the past month, which partially explains the infrequency of posts over the last few weeks.
We had originally planned on installing cubbies, but they were going to be way too pricey to buy and way too time consuming for my husband to make himself. I have been admiring rolling storage bins like this and this for some time…but they are SO darn expensive.
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October 26, 2015 By Beckie 5 Comments If you’ve got kids, you know that toy storage is a must.

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Meaghan from 2sisters2cities gave an unfinished craft store crate a designer look with some stain, casters, and a stencil. This is a rolling storage unit that can be easily moved around and placed wherever it’s needed at the moment. Using a unfinished wood crate is a great option if you want to save money with DIY but skip the power tools. It has a simple and versatile design that allows it to be used just about anywhere.View in galleryIt’s made from solid and engineered wood with chocolate-stained wood and it’s available in either black or white finish.
Instead use a soft, dry cloth.Because this product has such a simple design, it can be used as storage space for the office, for the living room, even for the kitchen or bedroom.

Apparently this Bathroom Storage is made by Duravit though I am having difficulty finding it on their site. If you have any information on the product let us know and we will pass it along to our readers.Thanks for the response.

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