Truss Terms: The terms below are typically used to describe the various parts of a metal plate connected wood truss. The parallel chord truss or flat truss gets its name from having parallel top and bottom chords. The following examples represent some of the possible variations on the basic types of trusses.
In this DIY project we take a look at trusses and find out all about the different types of roof trusses available today such as the traditional fink truss, the Double W, the open plan and many others. Also find out what can cause roof truss failure such as damp and rot and how to repair roof trusses while they are still in-situe minimising costs and hassle. If you need any help with roof truss or other roof beam problems, including rot and insect attack Property Repair Systems staff will give you completely free, no obligation advice on 01626 336180. Property Repair Systems offers you information regarding all types of roof truss component repair and treatment. Roof trusses are frames made up of timber that is nailed, bolted or pegged together to form structurally interdependent shapes of great strength. The strength of the timbers – modern trusses are very lightweight, so only structural kiln dried timber is used and it is usually pre-treated, to prevent insect and rot attack. The connection of the parts – the bolts, plates, screws, glue or pegs that hold it all together. The biggest enemy of roof structures (apart from the notch cutting or hole drilling electrician or plumber) is Water.
If you have found that you have damaged roof trusses, joists or rafters then this can be a big problem and in turn cause knock on effects such as sagging ceilings, sagging roofs, additional load stress on other areas, transferance of the cause of the damage into other materials e.g.
Before any repairs are made it is essential that, firstly, the cause of damage is identified and fixed as you don't want to go to the hassle and cost of repairing the damage just for it to come back in the future because the root cause was not sorted. This is obviously in the worst case scenario if the timbers are so badly damaged that there is no chance of repairing them and the only choice left is to remove all damaged trusses and replace with new ones. The costs and in turn the hassle involved can be massive as most of if not all of the roof will have to come off so that suitable access can be gained for removal and replacement to take place. In some instances it is possible to remove the truss internally from within the loft space and then rebuilt but this depends on the type of truss and also the type of roof construction. There is always the possibility in older properties that your rafters, joists or trusses may have dropped at one end because over time the timber has become rotten and compressed due to long term exposure to damp. Thanks to some incredible, yet simple technology (the patented Timber-Resin Splice Kit) it is now possible to replace sections of joists and rafters, in-situ.
As mentioned, traditionally in this situation it would be necessary to try and remove the entire damaged truss, joist or rafter and replace it with a new one.

With the introduction and development of systems such as the timber resin splice kit much of this hassle and stress can be removed and a repair can be implemented much more easily. New timber section is prepared by first accurately measuring what's needed and then cutting a suitable length.
The new section of timber is now put in place with the threaded steel bars sitting in the slot. Pour the resin into the slot in the existing timber until you have filled the space to the very top.
If you have several timbers that need repairing, each repair should be carried out one at a time.
NOTE: Make sure that you check you have the correct end plates by following the manufacturers guidelines.
If you need help with timber repairs, rot or insect attack, or with timber treatment products, Property Repair Systems staff will be pleased to give you completely free, no obligation advice on 01626 336180.
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After finishing my drawing of the house i was doing i decided i should add the roof truss design to it. Above shows the typical design i was looking for and the part i am having problems with is doing the bracing in between the A-Frame of the building. Take a look at the VisionREZ plugin, they have a truss program that they export too to get the designs. Once again thanks for the quick replies guys, ill give this visionREZ a shot and see what i can do.
The truss profile, span, heel height, overall height, overhang and web configuration depend on the specific design conditions and will vary by application. Never remove, modify or cut into a roof truss without consulting a Structural Engineer: your roof could fall down! A Structural Engineer can check these figures - Property Repair Systems offers an independent, qualified Structural Calculation service, if you need to modify or repair your roof.
Older buildings are most susceptible, especially where the rafters or tie beams sit on, or in the walls. Treatment with boron based preservatives is essential to stop the rot and insects from destroying the roof’s structural bearings. In most cases a crane or suitable lifting equipment will be needed to hoist the new truss in.
As you can imagine this is certainly not a small job and can involve considerable cost and hassle especially if you have several damaged joists.

It involves cutting away the damaged end and replacing with a new piece but this time the two sections are joined using galvanised steel plates.
It is essential the plates themselves are capable of supporting the weight they will be carrying!
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Everytime i join the brace from truss to roof timber it goes at a strange angle and cuts wrongly. I usually designed trusses in my old work but that was FastCad i used and drew it and offset etc. These potentially damp areas require careful inspection with a torch and prodding with a screwdriver. These tend to be eaten away by woodworm and the roof beams then move, opening up the joints. In extreme situations, previously it may have been necessary and easier to remove the entire roof to replace these timbers. I was hoping if anyone had experience in doing this before or myabe could recommened a good truss design program. The two outer are at the center point of the rafter measured from the peak to the inside of the wall.
The only reason i need to add this in is because the more stuff i can cram in the more marks i get for my final year uni mark.
Some common trusses are named according to their web configuration, such as the King Post, Fan, Fink or Howe truss. If your existing roof trusses are damaged in any way it is possible to repair them without taking your roof to pieces.
Drilling with a small diameter Auger is advised, if you have any doubt about the strength of a component.

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