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Buy and Sell - If you sell a product in any of our buy and sell forums, please reply to your own thread in the quick reply window and state that you have sold it. Royal Yardmate 4x7 vinyl shed for sale, it's about 7 years old and one of the last Royal made in Canada sheds.
I used it to store car parts and tires but have since built a 2 car garage so I don't need it anymore. The smallest of the Royal storage shed is the Yard Mate series, which is the most economic in the product line. Copyright GTAMC, (Greater Toronto Area Mustang Club) All rights resevered except where noted.
You can't buy these anymore as the line was sold off to an American company which really cheapened the sheds they sell now. They assemble in under an hour and are really good for a small corner of your garden or yard, measuring just 4'x 7'.

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Despite being small, the Yard Mates are still extremely strong and will keep out any determined raccoon.

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