It depends on the size of your cushion, but this box easily fits a cushion up to 3' in length.
There is plenty of storage space inside it for patio seat cushions, garden supplies and toys. Chic Basket Weave Patio Storage Bench Deck Box in Brown 3 answers What is the clearance underneath? The intended location has a 1" raised strip in the middle and I want to make sure that this box will be able to straddle it. The Patio Chic Storage Bench sits elevated by the four corner posts and does not sit flat on the ground.

Chic Basket Weave Patio Storage Bench Deck Box in Brown 3 answers Are these tight to keep mice out? The bench is perfect for storing chair cushions, garden supplies, toys and grill accessories. Bridgeport Resin Storage Bench Deck Box 7 answers How many cushions will fit in this box?
Cushions come in all shapes and sizes so we can't tell you how many will fit in the deck box.
I find that covers for outdoor furniture are more convenient to use and easier to store than cushions.

I can tell you this; my 4-chair patio set features fairly large, thick cushions for the bottom & back of the chair (+ 1 throw cushion for each).

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