The Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed is a versatile storage option for both indoors and out, particularly if you don’t need a large storage box.
There are many instances when a large shed is not appropriate and having enough room for one can sometimes be an issue.
Can save you money by not needing to replace outdoor cushions when they are constantly drenched in rainstorms. The Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed is a versatile and handy addition to your storage requirements.
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No matter which Rubbermaid Storage container you decide on, they all have a few things in common. It is a 32 cubic ft capacity shed made from high-density polyethylene which won’t chip, crack or peel.

This provides easy accessibility to contents inside and lockable doors on the front (lock not included) ensure your things inside stay safe. This little Rubbermaid storage box solves that problem and is ideal for storing cushions and BBQ equipment.
Sometimes a large shed is just not necessary and this small model provides a suitable alternative. Additionally we provide disposable liners, liner dispensers, and replacement parts for your diaper changing station.
There are molded grooves provided for one shelf if you need to organize lots of little things, although the shelf is not provided. The majority of users that purchased the Rubbermaid are very happy with this storage box and the benefits it provides, although a couple of customers felt it was a little on the expensive side considering it is such a simple little shed.
Storage is always something we need more of, so a good variety of storage options is essential.

If there is a product you'd like to see us carry, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be sure to get it added to our distribution inventory.
You will need to have a rubber mallet on hand to assist with locking the panels into place. One customer has suggested that when assembling, use dish soap to moisten the joints and you will find the pieces slide together better.

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