You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed is an ideal little shed to store those long handled janitorial tools.
Like its big brother the Rubbermaid Large Vertical Storage Shed it is easy to assemble and is a sturdy and long lasting storage structure.
The X-Carts from Rubbermaid are the industry's most durable collapsible basket truck system. The collapsible X-Cart from Rubbermaid is the most durable collapsible basket truck system on the market.
Keep the contents of your 4 bushel collapsible X-Cart clean and dry during storage and transportation with this Rubbermaid 1889863 small black cover.
The  small deck box is double walled construction, making it a sturdy, robust and a long lasting structure. If you need further assistance, you can read the Customer Questions & Answers on this product page or you can contact us via email or phone. IMPLIED, CONCERNING THE PRODUCT OR THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS THEREOF FOR ANY PURPOSE. Please be sure to have the model number from the packaging or instruction booklet, or the molded in part number located on the bottom of the container or inside of the lid or panel.
To contact Rubbermaid, Please visit our Contact Us page to find the appropriate phone number or contact form.

A unique feature of the small storage shed is the option to organise the internal space to suit your storage needs, with the use of Rubbermaid’s easily attached wall anchors. Easily transport a wide variety of products, supplies, or equipment with the Rubbermaid FG450589 black, small, two flat shelf utility cart!
This being the smaller of the two is a compact solution offering 18 cubic feet of storage area.
It is designed for easy access for small or large items and with the addition of a resin floor will keep your goods dry and protected from the elements. It is a completely enclosed unit with a robust resin floor keeping your tools safe and dry from the elements. Each cart features a compact, collapsible frame that reduces its width by 75% to improve organization of storage areas and increase your staff's productivity. Watch how this cart not only handles the largest loads but also collapses when not in use to keep storage areas tidy. This cover features six spacious storage pockets to hold extra equipment and a convenient lid that allows access to the contents of the cart without having to remove the cover. Wall anchors can be used with shelving uprights or simple peg board to create a unique storage display for all your accessories and ensure a secure fixing point for shelving systems. This utility cart is made of durable structural foam that will not leak, rust, chip, dent, or peel, and features two shelves that can hold a wide variety of items.
The lid stays secure with a strong Velcro® trim, while the cover itself attaches tightly to the X-Cart frame with a drawstring.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Specialist before placing your order.
The large, flat-top shelf is perfect for oversized loads and doubles as a smart, convenient work surface.
First, the 4 bushel, or 150 liter, size features a compact and lightweight design perfect for smaller jobs and applications.
A built-in tool holster and caddy keeps tools right at hand and in place during transport, while 5" casters and an ergonomic handle make this cart easy to move and maneuver. The shed is easy to assemble and with the use of Rubbermaid wall anchors you can easily organize your belongings inside the shed.
Divide and sort with ease using the multi-stream cart that has two 4 bushel, 150 liter, compartments.
Each cart is designed to blend into the environment, conceal supplies, and reduce the noise of your cleaning staff. Empower your team, to transport supplies discreetly, refresh guest rooms quickly, and sort supplies with ease. Efficiently maintain your property or business, while staying organized, by upgrading to the collapsible X-Cart.

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