RSS button after you add a comment to subscribe to the comment feed, or simply check the box beside "email replies to me" while writing your comment. I once lived in a building that had both mice and ants, so I developed the habit of putting all foodstuffs that were not in the fridge in closed metal, glass or plastic containers.
Maybe it would be a good idea to move the contents of at least opened bags to a big pail with a tight lid. When we were doing cat rescue and caring for a group of feral cats, we kept all of the dry food bags in metal trash cans with tight fitting lids, and further clamped the lids down with bungee cords. Those woods in the background with all the spring greenery and light filtering through make for a beautiful image.
While I could imagine a rodent gnawing its way through a plastic pail, no rodent is going to gnaw through galvanized steel!

A strip of self-adhesive rubber foam around the inside of the lid would probably work well to seal a loose fitting lid, though. On the other hand, that's right in our yard where bigger critters aren't going to come by and try to get in.
It doesn't matter what ability you have, you are able to build a high quality storage shed by using this strategy. Hyatt: Constructing a garden shed your self should be fun, entertaining and not frustrating as you think.

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