Everyone’s dream is sitting back on late summer afternoon under the patio drinking a cool beer. If you are in the market for any style Domestic sheds, Industrial sheds, Patios, Carports, Aircraft Hangars, Covered Arenas, Stables or American style Barns. Do yourself a favour and talk to the team with all the answers, local building knowledge, and a proven long term presence in the building industry. Using our flexible modular kits allows you to customise your farm shed to your needs, at a price that won’t break your budget! We can tailor your farm shed to your requirements by adding a mezzanine floor for additional storage, dividing walls to separate your stores from your machinery or add a side awning for protection from the rain, the options are endless.
Large enclosed bays are the perfect option for more permanent housing of animals and equipment which requires protection from the elements at all times.
It’s nothing short of impossible to begin to list each and every purpose that the various forms of rural sheds serve their industry, so request a quote below based on your specific needs. South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW),Queensland (QLD), Victoria, Northern Territory (NT), and Tasmania. When it comes to storage solutions, our company offers a range of options for your rural shed. With ABC Sheds, you don’t have to worry about delays in your rural storage construction. Built to last a lifetime, our Australian made rural sheds will withstand the demands of WA farm life and Australia’s climate and are built using premium quality Bluescope steel. Outdoor World offers an initial free on-site consultation and will take care of every aspect of your job, including obtaining necessary permits and approvals, along with a commitment to high quality workmanship and on-time completion of your new farm shed, workshop, or rural barn.
Not only do we do domestic sheds we also specialise in large industrial installations. Our experience lets you rest assured that your industrial shed is not only perfect for your applications but also reasonably priced.

Steel sheds are great at securing expensive farming machinery and protect your stores from the elements.
Furthermore, the strength and integrity of modern rural sheds kits is such that they can be utilized for the construction of internal workshop spaces, washroom areas and other such rooms and extensions. We have fully galvanised structures to protect your investment and provide long-term storage for your business. You can choose from our flexible bay sizes, or even modify the design to your requirements. As part of our quality assurance practice, we make sure every structure meets Australian building standards. We offer shed kits complete with bolts, screws, gutters, flashings, and other parts for easy construction. We are into cattle & You are into sheds - I stayed focused on cattle and didn't have to do any bits and pieces on my shed!
Our professionally engineered steel shed designs can be modified to any height or width and can include any combination of roller doors, personal access doors, sliding doors, windows and more.
Yes, we can supply “other companies” standard structures, WHY be restrained to a size and style of building not meant for you? Check some of our previous industrial installations and you will see we have something that is perfect for you! So the great Australian patio can be supplied by the same company that supplies the garage for your pride and joy. Or maybe you have a larger application, like a motel, that requires cover for multiple vehicles.

Southern Cross Sheds knows that whether you are housing the kid’s horses or your Cessna 172 SkyHawk, you want the best cost effective choice. We have extensive experience building and designing these larger structures so let us design your new Rural shed. Check some of our previous builds! Southern Cross Sheds has the designs to build your barn to your exact specifications! Check some of our previous builds!
Built using high tensile Bluescope steel you can trust in the fact that your rural storage shed will be around fro a long time. If you have specific designs in mind, our engineers will be more than glad to work on your ideas and come up with a detailed plan. Reinforced with fully fabricated structural frames, our rural sheds are made to withstand the demands of daily industrial operations and Australia’s harsh weather conditions. We also offer an extensive range of DIY shed kits. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will manage every aspect of your project. Our experience lets you rest assured that your patio is built with the same pride and quality that is in all our sheds. Check some of our previous patios and see yourself relaxing under one sooner then you thought possible!
Southern Cross Sheds is large enough to cover small single carports to multiple installations. Check some of our previous Carport Photos and see what’s possible!
We have extensive experience building and designing these larger structures so let us design your new Arena, Stables, Hangar or Rural shed. Check some of our previous builds!

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