This Residential Rental Lease Application form is a Residential Lease Application for the Landlord to have the proposed Tenant complete and submit to the Landlord for the Landlord to evaluate.
This Salary Verification form for Potential Lease is a form to be sent to a potential tenant's employer, in order for the Landlord to verify the lease applicant's income as reported on an application for lease (please see Form -827LT "Application for Residential Lease"). This is a consent form to be signed by Tenant, permitting a credit history, background and reference check to be performed by the Landlord.
This is a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure form required for the rental of residential dwellings. This Inventory and Condition of Leased Premises for Pre Lease and Post Lease is an inventory signed by a Tenant of rental property that attests the condition of leased premises pre-lease and post-lease. This is a Landlord Tenant Closing Statement - Reconcile Security Deposit, where the landlord records the deposits and credits, less deductions from the credits or security deposit for delivery to the tenant.
This Notice of Default in Payment of Rent as Warning Prior to Demand to Pay or Terminate for Non-Residential or Commercial Property form is for use by a Landlord to inform Tenant of Tenant's default in the payment of rent as a warning prior to a pay or terminate notice.
Notice of Default on Residential Lease with Specific Reasons for Default, with Deadline Date to Cure. This is an agreement for the renewal of an existing lease for an additional term, with possible modifications.
From time to time, a landlord makes the decision to send a non-renewal of lease letter to a tenant. Our records show that you have a security deposit in the amount of (security deposit amount) and a pet deposit in the amount of (pet deposit amount, if applicable). Failure to surrender the premises on the date required by law will result in forfeiture of your deposits, proceedings for immediate eviction and could harm your credit rating.
There are basic components to a non-renewal of lease letter that must be included in your notice. Feel free to modify this non-renewal of lease sample letter to tenant according to your needs, but be sure to verify with an attorney, if necessary, regarding the amount of notice you are required to give the tenant. Get access to bankruptcies, employment history, medical records, past addresses, evictions and more.

A Tenant Consent Form comes with the Salary Verification Form, and should also be sent to the employer. A criminal history background information check is the review of any and all records containing any information collected and stored in the criminal record repository of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the state Department of Public Safety, or any other repository of criminal history records, involving a pending arrest or conviction by a criminal justice agency, including, but not limited to, child abuse crime information, conviction record information, fingerprint cards, correctional induction and release information, identifiable descriptions and notations of convictions; provided, however, dissemination of such information is not forbidden by order of any court of competent jurisdiction or by federal law.
It is used to document for the benefit of both parties the monies held by the landlord and due to the landlord. The agreement terms conform to state statutory law.This agreement is for the renewal of a non-commercial or residential lease. Landlord and Tenant extend and continue the term and duration of the described Lease Agreement. Otherwise, the lease simply continues from month to month as long as rent is paid and the lease is not breached. If you use this sample, be sure that your non-renewal of lease letter conforms to the applicable laws of your state. Please return the premises to the same condition as you found it upon move-in, normal wear and tear excepted. Any refunds due to you after deducting for repairs and unpaid rent (if applicable) will be sent to your new address within (time your state requires-usually no more than 30 days) after you turn over the property to us as required by law. When dealing with tenants, it is always best for your communications to stick with the facts and to avoid expressing feelings or opinions.
In general, the notice required is thirty days prior to the lease ending date plus five to ten days if the notice is mailed, however some states require a 60 day notice. Criminal history background information generally does not include any analytical records or investigative reports that contain criminal intelligence information or criminal investigation information.
It contains many provisions, some of which you may desire to modify depending on your agreement with your tenant. An assessment of the condition of each item is written by Landlord and the Tenant may agree or disagree to that assessment. A security deposit is a payment required by a landlord from a tenant to cover the expenses of any repairs of damages to the premises greater than normal "wear and tear." Everyday usage is normal wear and tear, but excess damage is a debated definition.

This form may be used where you desire to remind the Tenant of payment terms, the default, demand payment and inform the Tenant that under the laws of this state or lease the Landlord may terminate in rent is not paid timely. However, the laws of each state differ as to what is needed in the contents of a non-renewal of lease letter as well as in the notice time required. If you have a month-to-month, or week-to-week lease, the notice requirement could be different. A lease extension is used to extend the terms of a previous lease between the landlord and tenant. During the lease term, the Tenant may only be evicted for cause (not paying the rent, breaching the lease, etc), and the Tenant is responsible for the entire amount of rent for the lease term, even if Tenant leaves early.
Should you choose not to renew a lease, it is not necessary to give an explanation in most states. Whenever the form is used, the landlord must also give the tenant the EPA pamphlet discussed below. It is money that actually belongs to the tenant but is held by the landlord for tenant-caused damages and sometimes past-due rent. Without the agreement of the landlord, a security deposit may not legally be used as the last month's rent. Laws vary by state, but some states place a limit on the amount of a security deposit that a landlord may charge. Usually, the extension simply extends the term of the prior lease and may contain provisions for a revised rent payment.
Some states also regulate where residential security deposits must be kept and when interest payments on the security deposits must be made to the tenant. State laws also define the time period after the tenant vacates within which the deposit must be returned to the tenant.

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