As the industrial requirements handling higher pressure fluids, pipes were manufactured with thicker walls, which has become known as an extra strong (XS) or extra heavy (XH).
I have received many questions about which type of plumbing pipe and fittings would work best on a aquarium set-up. The below listed specifications are based on the pipe of the material type as the fittings designed to be used with each type of pipe will have slightly higher tolerances as compared with the pipe. This is a clear and flexible plastic looking tube that is used in more of a general purpose application.
PVC is commonly used for residential and commercial water supply and water drainage applications with low to moderate heat and moderate pressures. This product is very similar to PVC SCH 40 but is indented to be used in moderate and high heat applications.
There are a seemingly endless number of different types of fittings, each with their purpose.A  However, all of the fittings can be placed into one of the below 8 categories. When using solvents to a€?gluea€? fittings and pipe together, please keep in mind there is a specific solvent designed to be used with each of the different material types listed above.A  Make sure to double check and ensure you are using the correct solvent for the type of material you are using. I've been keeping tanks for about 20 years now and have kept many different set-ups along the way. Hey Cliff i had a quick question, do you recommend using the schedule 80 on a 300 gallon reef system, i will be using the reeflo snapper pump and it does 4500gph before calculated loss i believe. You could try using a fitting the is in the shape of a a€?Ya€? instead of a fitting that is shaped like a a€?Ta€?. If your skimmer is in the first section of the sump that your drain line empties into, then I would also suggest using a filter sock on the end of the drain line. CliffI've been keeping tanks for about 20 years now and have kept many different set-ups along the way. In the 1920s, when the American Standards Association standardized this sizing system, the OD was chosen as a baseline so that pipe with a standard OD—and a wall thickness typical of that time—would have an Inside Diameter (ID) approximately equal to the nominal pipe size?(NPS). Since all pipes of the same NPS have the same OD, they all accept the same size threaded fittings regardless of their wall thickness. Pipe schedule numbers do not indicate pressure capacity because each NPS of the same schedule has a different wall thickness. There are more than a dozen different thickness gauge schemes (or tables) listed in engineering handbooks.
Note that all these pipes have the same OD of 8.625 inches, but varying ID with its schedule.

Figure 16-2 outlines an overview of the common types of pipe and tubing by application and by name.
With this book you'll finally gain control of your stick, TIG or wire feed outgit and learn how to get your "Buzz Box" to make more than just noise.
In almost all respects, this volume is a complete contrast, being 500 plus pages of bang up to-date material. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. This article is meant to provide a little more detailed information to supplement the already posted Aquarium Plumbing Article here for those people who would like more detailed information on the commonly used tubing, pipe, and fittings used on sumped marine aquariums. In addition,the colors listed are the most common ones, but this can vary in Provence to Provence and State to State based on local building codes.Always read the printing on the pipe and information stamped on to the fittings to verify the type of material you have.
It is very common to find in most hardware and plumbing supply stores.In the aquarium hobby, it is a very affordable option for low pressure and low temperature applications such as a supply and return line for a media reactor, or a low GHP return pump line.
In the aquarium hobby, it is best suited to be used on drain lines from a main tank to a sump where there are higher flow rates at lower temperatures and lower pressures involved.This typically includes drain lines were the GHP is less than 1,500 to 1,800 GHP. PVC DWV will be a lot more expensive as compared to ABS and you will mostly find these products for sale in plumbing supply stores. It is a very common product to find in most hardware stores and plumbing supply stores and is most commonly found in solid white color. It is a little harder to find as compared the PVC SCH 40.A  As this product is more commonly used in commercial applications with higher pressure and lower temperatures conditions exist. Using the wrong solvent can result in the joint developing a leak or even failing over time. Pipe usually has much thicker walls than tubing, and these thicker walls allow pipe to accept threads and still have enough metal remaining to provide adequate wall strength to handle fluids under pressure.
Today, though, there is no relationship between existing wall thicknesses, ODs, and nominal pipe sizes. For a given NPS, the OD stays fixed and the wall thickness varies with increasing schedule numbers.
The schedule must be calculated on the wall thickness for the particular pressure and application. Generally, decimal inches or Sheet Metal Gauge numbers are used for square or rectangular steel tubing for structural or mechanical applications. The F beside an application means that the pipe or tubing is for fluid handling and the S means it is for structural applications.

Some might read this and think that they need to get schedule 80 pvc for their projects then, but this is not true. In additional, products made outside North America may not have been manufactured up to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards making those product specifications hard to determine.That is why I always prefer to ensure the plumbing products that I purchase are manufactured to either ASTM or CSA standards to ensure the specifications will be consistent. It has very similar properties as ABS but is designed to be able to withstand higher heat levels.PVC DWV is also best suited for the same type of aquarium drain lines as ABS. Typically you would see this being used on hot water supply lines and some drainage applications.In the aquarium hobby you can use this product just as you would PVC, however, it will cost you a little more to do it.
However—just to confuse everyone—these nominal sizes and standard ODs remain in use as the “Standard.” Because of this odd system, exact pipe dimensions must be determined from tables. As a result, the ID for a given NPS decreases with the increasing schedule size because the wall thickness of the pipe takes up more room. Decimal inches are also used for round steel and stainless steel tubing designed for fluid transport. Schedule 40 is by far the most common choice for indoor and outdoor plumbing and most hobby projects. Schedule 80 pipe is usually only used in heavy duty industrial or plumbing applications where the pipe will need to withstand more pressure or stand up to stand up to harsh conditions such as those found underground. I’ve read most of them and am applying most of your knowledge to this 300 gallon build! In general, the larger the schedule number, the higher the pressure the pipe can withstand.
I have another quest also, my sump will be setup where it DT drains into skimmer chamber then goes through bubble trap and into return chamber and the fuge will be on opposite side of the sump and also drain into the return chamber.
There are more than a dozen schedule numbers, although not all schedules are available in all pipe sizes. Assist material (Standard, Steel Grade) selection and metallurgical properties of our products.5. Investigate problems when they occur.We would like to assure you that our steel pipes are made from top quality materials and workmanship,And we are 100% sure that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase.

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