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Been quite awhile since I have posted anything on here of interest other than boring questions but let me tell everyone out there who has left there input on my questions that I am really grateful to have the support out there when I need it. Rkevins – Yeah my saw is 10 times smoother with less vibration compared to just sitting on a bench.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Apart from mounting the worktop this robust work table is held together entirely by glue and 19mm dowels. The table consumed around 9m of 2 x 4 and given that the worktop was free the total cost was only around ?15. It is easier to view your work and guidelines as you cut if you raise the back of your scroll saw by about three inches. Convenient storage for blades, parts, accessories should be considered, but isn't really a deal breaker. Position the scroll saw on the stand and trace around the perimeter of the saw with a pencil. I chose to practice my pantograph copy carving on the legs by following an anchor rode pattern drawn in sketchup printed out and attached to the legs with double sided tape. To increase my productivity and allow me to work comfortably for extended periods of time, I designed a scroll saw stand to my own specifications.
Hold your arms at a comfortable sawing height–your arms, from elbows down, should be close to horizontal.
Place the lower edge of the long support on the marks and attach the support to the legs with nails or screws.
While the long supports end at the edge of the legs, the short supports extend to the outside edge of the long supports.
Cut the plywood to size, then determine the location of the motor, and transfer the measurements to the plywood.
I needed a dedicated stand for my Craftsman Scroll Saw that I purchased a few months ago at my local sears.

I hear ya on the scroll saw projects, I have had a saw for maybe close to a year now and have used it for some of my puzzles but really can not get into the intricate type stuff.
I don’t feel like I have the patience or even a comfortable stool to sit on and try to do all those interior cuts.
That way I will be able to sit and use the saw when I need to again not to sit and do all those crazy time consuming interior cuts though. I also have very limited space in my man cave to set up my shop and I need a stand for the scroll saw. The extremely cheap 2x4 joists were so open grain that it was a bit of a battle not following it but overall Im quite please with the outcome. Cut four 2x4s that are 3″ less than the length of your table for the long stand supports. Make sure the supports are square to the legs and nail or screw all four short supports in place. Place the saw on the table and use a pencil to mark the mounting hole positions on the plywood top. Drill a ?”-diameter bladeentry hole and use a saber saw or jigsaw to cut out the required area. Got this for $65 bucks and some change, it was a floor model and they were clearing out all there old models to bring in the new ones. I really don’t know how to put this but I really am not interested in doin scroll work of that type. Some of the folks on here do some really nice stuff really love the portraits just seems to much for me. But who knows one day I might reconsider by actually finding a picture or a project that someone else has done that really attracts my attention. Drill holes through the plywood, then bolt the saw down using the largest bolts, nuts, and washers that will fit through the mounting holes in the saw base. After the glue dries, attach the scroll saw to the blocks with four 1″-long wood screws. I really thought this would be nice to do small projects with but have not really made any significant projects worth writing home about yet. I did however see a bowl that another lumberjock made and I found the book on scroll saw bowls. I took Industrial Manufacturing in High School my senior year as an elective to my main course of computer repair.

I did not incorporate the dowels that were to be used for more holding power for the screws to drive into.
Kinda like to try that sometime but not really that interested in scroll work that much yet or maybe its just that I have not seen anything I would like to try yet. Instead I drove some 4” screws into the cross supports at about 15° along with glue for the build.
The metal lathe however was really neat to use and im sure a wood lathe would be really addictive to have considering I have very limited experience with running one back in highschool. I did however add feet to this which made it more stable on my concrete floors that are anything but level. I bought my TS about 2 weeks prior to making my first project which was the mallet that I posted on here. I cut a piece for in between the saw and the top to help dampen the noise and also vibration. This made a substantial difference to how this little hundred dollar level scroll saw performs as far as vibration compared to just sitting on a workbench not bolted down at all.
When I think back a few extra months to this past Christmas and earlier I was searching the internet for video game information and riding my dirtbike was my main interest.
Also added this to the feet which really helped out even more with my concrete basement floor.
Then in like march or april I stumbled upon a WWMM video that caught my eye and that was what lit the interest into trying my hand at woodworking. Over these past months I think that I have really aquired quite a bit of tools compared to what I had last year at this time. Now I have a crammed full basement of woodworking stuff that I fiddle around every chance I get when not working. So one day if I actually make something really nice and actually get paid to build something at least I will have a unique story to go along with my newfound interest!

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