The results of the fettling being that the new den for my daughter is 75% complete and looking very cool (in a 'Heath Robinson' sort of a way given the random door and windows). There is a large recycled element to the construction with discarded windows, cupboard doors and front doors forming a major part of the fabric. The other thing that is vexing me is that I seemed to have failed to pass on the Creosote loving gene to my daughter, thus I will have to employ one of these new fangled soppy ineffectual cosmetic wood coatings with names like Timberlove or Woodycare!
Having written about youth ministry for five years, has there ever been a business deal approach from a major supplier of youth work resources? Has the blog ever generated enquiries from marketing agencies asking about web presence for their client? Highly successful evening as I finished cutting the joints into the bearers and assembled them into the completed frame. Another Christmas shed, It's a great picture but I can only link to it because of copyright issues. I love what 'Beyond' are doing in Brighton this year, they are running a day by day advent calender using beach huts!
The web site of Beyond is here with pictures of each of the huts (so far) and here is the BBC South piece on the installations. My point being, there is nothing in the text to suggest that Jesus wasn't born in a shed, while textually very much allowing for the possibility! So, in the run up to Christmas I plan to post pictures of Sheds that connect in with a Christmas theme!
I've been tied to indoors projects recently and for those who were amused by the epic saga of the cupboard doors, you'll will be pleased to know they are finished! This has definitely confirmed to me that I prefer outdoor carpentry to indoor woodwork, oh and I rate creosote* way above white gloss paint. In terms of my workshop, I'm trying to locate an old woodburning stove which would be a great addition to the, already high, levels of mellowness herein.
As both of the regular youthblog readers are away on the Isle of Wight at the moment (completely independently I should add) I am disinclined to pen much.
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Canberra 8 foot fronted premium garden shed is an apex roof shed manufactured from high tensile, hot-dipped galvanised steel throughout, finished with 3 coats of paint. CANBERRA products are the highest specification lightweight metal garden sheds in the market. There is a wide range of accessories available and the strength of the frame allows a choice of shelving to be screwed to the structure. Full details on preparing a base for all buildings will be sent prior to the unit being delivered. BASE REQUIREMENTS FOR SHEDSAll steel sheds must be anchored to a firm foundation to protect against wind damage. The timber base allows you to construct a wooden floor (using the instructions provided), place it on your level ground over your damp proof membrane and attach the shed to it.
A foundation kit forms a steel grid over your damp proof membrane, allowing you either to fill with concrete or cover with marine ply to create an internal floor. Both base options are ideal for steel buildings, however if you have an existing concrete or slab base with a damp proof membrane, you will not require either option. This garden building is supplied with styrene glazed windows, which are 100% shatterproof and a safer alternative to glass. Why buy a tanalised shed with untreated framing and inferior, thin osb sheet floor and roof? This basic wooden overlap garden shed can be used to store general garden equipment all year round.
A trip to London zoo (superb), a great shared Church lunch to say a sad but fun farewell to our Rector as he heads for pastures new; and importantly, lots of time fettling in the garden.
I have an old set of wooden stepladders to create a staircase up to the door, but am currently trying to think of a way of making some stained glass window for the triangles fore and aft under the roof. My daughter was not convinced that we were, as I believed, having fun lifting the pieces into place in the pouring rain.
The rain is actually quite useful as at any given moment I can tell instantly whether the intended direction of drainage is working or not without the need to mess around with a spirit-level. Although it would be interesting to see whether I then felt compelled to build a small house in the Garden as a place to retreat and to fettle.

I do however recognize that railway goods carriages make fantastic sheds and they contain a fair amount of metal. It is very clear that geographically it was Bethlehem, however the specific details after that are only where it wasn't, that is, "not in the Inn" (no room). And as such I thought this might be a good opportunity to shed some light on the shed situation. A twenty minute job that morphed into a full-on construction project and, three weeks later, is finally complete, YAY! I hope to begin building a long shed soon that will be 3ft by 16ft, specifically as a Kayak store. This shed is the perfect solution for your garden storage needs at a highly competitive price.
Apart from the high grade of steel and paint finish, they have ventilated gables and all standard buildings have the tallest wall height, allowing you to walk into your shed without having to duck down, unlike other premium sheds. This shiplap tongue and groove garden shed can be used to store general garden equipment all year round. The golden age for re-cycled railway sheds was presumably when Beeching killed off a fair chunk of the UK rail network.
We can supply a Timber base or a Foundation Kit, which you can purchase with your product, simply select it below. Canberra sheds are perfect for caravan parks where non-combustible storage sheds are compulsory and will provide a rust-free, durable storage solution for a minimum warranty period of 20 years. So, with the global economic crisis and environmental issues bringing the price of second hand aircraft down, this has to be the equivalent piece of imaginative re-use. A little lacking in wood maybe BUT a shed with a first class section AND if anyone breaks in, a Black box recorder to tell you who! These double sliding doors, manufactured from heavier gauge steel, provide great access to all your stored items through the spacious opening.

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