For instance, in rural areas, the market may need bigger storage units and drive up access to store large farm equipment.
There is always the possibility that supply in certain areas may be surpassing the demand from customers for storage.
Following on-site visits, determine the total square footage, as well as the actual number of storage units for existing storage in the market area. The age of the population, mobility rate, employment status and income are other important measures. A growth area, for example, will generally enable you to get to your desired occupancy quickly.
The price Self Storage Developers should pay for their land is a question that is much debated. In many markets, land use is maximized by developing multi-story self-storage with two-stories and even three and four-story facilities. It often takes 18-24 months for many self-storage facilities to realize its full income potential in a competitive market. Look for our next blog post about planning and budgeting your Self Storage Construction project.
Below is a list of Naperville self storage locations (in no particular order) to help you find the place that fits your budget and space needs.
Our family owned business all began when we built Yucca Valley Self Storage Garages in 1978.
The property is kept spotless and there is an automated locked gate with multiple security cameras all around the units.
We love our local Marine Base in Twenty Nine Palms and are so happy that we are able to offer them great service too. Meet the owner – Gary has been involved in our family business as the main owner and manager since the day ground broke in 1978. Our self storage secure rooms vary in size and price. With our individually locked partitioned rooms and state of the art CCTV and alarm systems, you can have peace of mind that your goods kept secure and safe. Why Choose Pittsburg Self Storage?We are a new facility easily accessible via Route 3, as well as Snowmobile and ATV trails.

Snowmobile and ATV Club Members Welcome!Members of the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club and Great North Woods ATV Club receive 10% discounts with proof of active membership. Our storage facility is perfect for storing your toys in the off season – don't haul it, store it! I researched local construction companies and was impressed by Durobuilts quality and strength of faming materials used, which in my mind gave great value for money. I have no hesitation in recommending Durobuilt for your construction requirements.  So talk to the Durobuilt team, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Just thought I would send a bit of feedback to you regarding the supply of my shed from durobuilt.
First, I want to thank you for the way you handled everything and the advice I required during the build. Second, I want to say how happy I am with the quality of the shed, when compared to other products it is far superior. The service they have provided us with during the planning stages and the construction period was very informative, quick and friendly. If your storage unit will be located near a college, the market will demand smaller, less expensive storage units.
You can use census material to obtain information about the one-, three- and five-mile radius areas surrounding the proposed facility site. Traditionally, a market was thought to be saturated when two to four square feet of rentable space per person exists, depending upon the population, housing and commercial mix in the neighborhood. For instance, if you are planning to build in an area where the majority of homes have basements, enclosed garages and large closets, your target market may not need as much storage as markets that have a high density of condominium and apartment complexes or no frills single family homes that are often found on military bases. High ratios of multi-family residences will create a demand for smaller units, and smaller units generally pay a higher return on the dollar invested. The current rule of thumb for land cost is approximately 25-30 percent of total development cost. Large self-storage operations could take longer, up to 36+ months for 100,000 square foot size facilities to achieve stabilization. In the mean time, you may want to read about the Ten Most Common and Costly Mistakes in Self Storage Building Development.

As a Naperville-focused real estate agent, I publish this website to promote our community and help current and soon-to-be residents discover the best of Naperville homes and lifestyle. Chesham Self Storage is the perfect household and business storage solutions for Chesham and the surrounding community. We are ideally located for Chesham, Amersham, The Chalfonts, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden and Chorleywood.
We have worked with some Self Storage developers that cater to very specific markets, such as high end cars, RVs, boats, wine storage, online product fulfillment, etc.
On the other hand, overbuilding in an area plagued by vacant buildings and declining neighborhoods may be a permanent problem. Though, because the amount of square footage of existing self-storage per person can vary wildly from one market to another there is no real definition for market saturation in the self-storage business.
A location near the center of a dense urban area, preferably on a major artery, is ideal for fast rent up. The finished product exceeded our expectations and we are both very happy with the end result. A freeway location is also desirable but less so than a major artery that passes through the neighborhood that the facility will serve.
You had the best design and the best price, and you topped that by giving me a builder who was experienced with the Durobuilt product and took real professional pride in his work. The Sunbelt can generally absorb larger amounts of self-storage where people tend to own more leisure and recreational equipment. When I show people my new shed – including a friend who is a professional building project manager – they are staggered at how much you were able to deliver on my very lean budget.

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