Dave Kalbaugh isn’t at all sure what made him peek inside the cardboard box that he was toting to the Dumpster. It was just one among a tower of crates headed for the trash at Aladdin Self Storage in Louisville, KY. A certificate in the box bore the name of Anthony Grunder, but the couple couldn’t be sure the name even belonged with the medals.
But Stephanie figured that if anyone knew who Anthony Grunder was, it would be her customers; some had been doing business with the storage company for years. Recently, a customer suggested that Stephanie contact a local TV station, WAVE 3, the NBC affiliate in Louisville. About five miles from the storage business, Anthony Grunder III was dozing in his La-Z-Boy, the TV on, when somehow through his sleep, he heard his name, said his wife, Caroline. Tony Grunder quickly picked up the TV remote, hit record, and grew alert with the realization that there on TV were his father’s medals. The Grunders and the Kalbaughs can only speculate about how the medals ended up in a storage unit, or how they landed in a unit that the storage facility kept for itself.

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The previous owner of the business had devoted a trio of storage units to office items and junk. There were military medals, in a frame, about a dozen of them: good conduct medals and marksmanship medals, and the kinds of medals that heroes earn—a Purple Heart with three oak clusters, each cluster representing another injury.
Stephanie searched storage company records to see whether anyone named Grunder ever had rented a unit.
This white paper identifies major trends and best practices in rate management, occupancy analysis, rental contracts and profit management. But when Dave’s wife, Stephanie, took over as property manager last June, she soon realized those units were lost revenue.

There were two awards for valor under fire–a Silver Star (the Army’s third highest commendation) and a Bronze Star with a tiny V indicating the heroism (the Army’s fourth highest award). Move the mops, chairs and old paper records to a smaller unit, and throw out everything else, and she could shorten the waiting list for larger units by three. If the callers hadn’t searched Google for Anthony Grunder and come up with contact information, they simply wanted to thank her for saving the medals.
The following day, a crew from the TV station met Tony Grunder and the Kalbaughs at the storage business, and Stephanie and Dave returned the medals to the honoree’s son.

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