Self Storage Auctions has became so popular in United States that won't be a surprise if they went overseas.
Self Storage Auctions are auctions offered by self storage companies over the items of a tenant who fails to pay them montlhy rent. If the customer fails to pay the rent, a lien is placed on the customer's goods and they are sold at auction. A self storage auction is a great opportunity to get some valuable items at dirt cheap prices.
Auction Hunters is an American documentary reality television series that premiered on November 9, 2010 on Spike. Before you start to promote a storage unit auction, it’s necessary to create a marketing plan and follow it closely. A strong marketing plan includes determining a budget for posters and direct marketing materials and a resource budget for time and energy required to create a social media campaign. Facebook is great for many things, but it is well-known for its comprehensive events system. Similar updates may be posted on Twitter and its complementary programs, such as Instagram. Thanks to self storage unit auctions in the media, more people are searching for auctions near them.
Brought to you by G5, the leading provider of Digital Experience Management (DXM) software and services in the Self Storage industry. Founded by industry veterans Lance Watkins of Storage Outlet and Barry Hoeven of Kure It, Charity Storage is a nonprofit organization that uses self-storage auctions as a platform to raise money for charities. Charity Storage has an economical business model that takes advantage of the self-storage industry’s existing infrastructure. Auction attendees bidding on the Charity Units tend to bid high, as they know the proceeds go to charities. A Charity Unit went for $700 earlier this month at Dollar Self Storage in Corona, CA, and the facility chose to donate their 60% of funds to The Young Americans, a national nonprofit performing arts organization. Our self-storage blog is excited to see so many facilities using their vacant units to raise money for charity and give back to their communities. Welcome.The Storage Facilitator is the modern self-storage professional's destination for useful education, intriguing news, diverse expert perspectives, technology updates, and beyond. Get our free white paperThe Four Pillars of Profitable Self-Storage Management is an in-depth resource that empowers facility owners and managers to get more out of your business and stay ahead. The information contained herein has been obtained from third parties and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information.
Metro Self Storage, based in the Chicago, IL area, is now conducting online storage auctions with StorageStuff.Bid. StorageStuff.Bid is a partnership of a live auction company, Legacy Auction Services, storage owners and operators, and a technology team that specializes in web design and internet marketing for the self storage industry. StorageStuff.Bid is made up of a combination of self-storage owners, self-storage licensed and experienced auctioneers, and a team of technology partners that specialize in internet marketing and web design.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Furniture for an average bedroom, larger boxes OR a couch, chairs and tables, several boxes, bikes.

Furniture for a 1 bedroom apartment, several boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, mattresses, couch, and love seat. Furniture for a 2 bedroom apartment, mattresses, several boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, love seat, couches, entertainment center OR a small sports car. Furniture for a 3 bedroom apartment or small house, mattresses, boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, couches, entertainment center, work-out equipment OR an average size car OR commercial storage, inventory or equipment.
Furniture for a 3 to 4 bedroom house, mattresses, boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, couches, entertainment center, work-out equipment, patio furniture OR car, boat or truck OR commercial storage, inventory and equipment.
Furniture for a 4 to 5 bedroom house, boxes, mattresses, appliances, tables, chairs, couches , entertainment center, work-out equipment, patio furniture OR car, boat or truck plus several boxes OR commercial storage, inventory and equipment or construction materials. Storage auctions in Kentucky are plentiful, and it should be easy to find a storage unit auction near you. Storage Wars is a reality television series that premiered on A&E Network late in 2010.
Storage unit auctions take place when the owner of the storage unit facility puts the contents of any unit up for sale as a result of the tenant who owns such content’s inability to meet with payment obligations after a set period of time. After you have located the storage auctions that you want to participate in, then you need to prepare for the auction itself. Did you ever hear of making money from storage unit auctions before A&E television’s popular new series Storage Wars hit the airwaves? Almost each and every city in the USA has one, or more self storage units where the people of the community have the ability to store their extra belongings if they do not have room at their home, or if they happen to be moving. The customer is still responsible for any rent and fees due if the auction does not clear their balance.
The show follows Allen Haff, a second generation antiques dealer, and Clinton Jones, a historical weapons and old currency expert, as they participate in storage unit auctions throughout Southern California. Click on the current or upcoming month to see the latest auctions scheduled and listed by this site. Auction off the contents of a storage unit and you’ll get dozens of treasure hunters knocking at your door. Consider the type of people you hope to attract with the auction marketing, then try to determine the best outlet for them to receive the message.
By creating a unique event — complete with the address, date, time and additional information, such as etiquette and rules for first-timers — people can be informed about what to expect and get event reminders as the date nears. Keep updates mobile-friendly for on-the-go people who may be interested in learning more about the upcoming auction. Keep SEO tips and tricks in mind, such as including a ZIP code or city in auction information. Charity Storage launched its beta site in February, and already has 200 self-storage facilities on board. Storage facilities are signing up, and auctions enable a broad distribution of charitable funds— 10% of net proceeds go to the Self Storage Association Scholarship program, 30% go to Kure It Cancer Research, and the remaining 60% goes to a charity of the storage facility’s own choice. Facilities can choose from the nonprofits on Charity Storage’s list, or they can donate to a local organization. It’s always good to hear of auctions and self storage owners giving back to the community. This white paper identifies major trends and best practices in rate management, occupancy analysis, rental contracts and profit management.

Metro Self Storage is a privately owned, international self storage operating company specializing in the development, construction, acquisition, and management of self storage facilities. When asked what made Metro Self Storage start thinking about making a change, Vice President of Operations, Marc Harris said “we had been hearing about online auctions for a few years. With the exception of Alaska, the state has more miles of running water than any other state. I arrived there early in anticipation of large crowds of newbies, thanks to the popularity of Storage Wars and Auction Hunters.
It’s Spike TV’s version of the popular storage auction show format that competes with A&E’s successful Storage Wars series, which premiered in December of 2010.
As more and more people are losing their homes, they need a place to store their possessions. Many storage unit facilities cancel their auctions on the very same day when the auction is scheduled to take place. A friend of mine told me that his brother had gone to a storage auction and had scored some really good things such as a diamond ring worth over $5000. The pair leads viewers through the process of bidding on and winning abandoned storage units, appraising the items found within, and selling the most lucrative and interesting pieces to experts or collectors.
Inform and remind fans and followers that an auction event is coming up, then entice them with success stories, auction tips, photos from previous auctions and guidelines. It may also be helpful for self storage facility owners to create a section of their website dedicated to auction information and upcoming events or write some related blog posts on the topic. Much like donating to Goodwill, contributors receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donations. When rent payment go unpaid for a storage locker in 3 months in the state of California, its contents are put up for sale by an agent.
Many people are being forced to downsize, or to live in small apartments without any garages or storage space.
Starting in September 2015, Metro Self Storage will begin implementing online auctions, with StorageStuff.Bid, in their Georgia market. Obviously, we had concerns about some of the legality involved with the online auction process, but we began to see legislation change in favor of online auctions. You can also visit us at SSA Fall Conference & Trade Show on 8-11th September 2015 at booth 527!
With over four million people in the state, the number of storage units in Kentucky is quite high.
However, the biggest determining factor was our great relationship with Legacy Auction Services.
The first storage unit door was opened and it revealed lots of furniture and household goods. Please pass this on to your friends, and please check back often as we always update our lists.

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