In the City That Never Sleeps, New Yorkers must contend with tight living spaces; yet they also enjoy the convenience of being able to have just about anything delivered right to their residences.
Over the last year and a half, a handful of up and coming self-storage firms, including urBin and MakeSpace, have begun offering New Yorkers starved for both space and time the convenience of valet storage with a digital advantage.
Rather than rent entire storage units, urBin offers clients 40-by-20-by-20-inch heavy-duty lockable storage containers, which can be stored for as little as $20 a month per container.
However, urBin and MakeSpace aren’t the first or only valet-storage services in the New York metropolitan area. For those who are reluctant to rent a storage unit and want to avoid copious amount of schlepping, the new business model is a welcome one.
For example, Jason McMann, a doctoral political science student at Princeton University, has lived in five different apartments while hunting for a more permanent place to call home. We are only 10 minutes from Launceston and offer a large range of secure and affordable storage solutions.
You can access your storage unit 24 hours, 7 days per week with your very own key card. New Midland Self Storage is a new concept in affordable climate-controlled mini storage for both household and commercial storage needs. At Snap, we have units ranging in size from 4a€™ x 18a€™ to 40a€™ x 80a€™ - both indoors and outdoors a€“ as well as storage for cars, boats, and RVs! This space will generally hold the contents of a small family room or one large bedroom, including a TV and some storage boxes.

This space will generally hold the contents of a full-size family room or two full bedrooms. We loved talking about our favorite costumes made with cardboard boxes so much last year that we decided to do it again this year!
This one’s a North Texas Storage double-whammy costume, because we have boxes that are the perfect size, and you may even find styrofoam peanuts here! About North Texas Self StorageNorth Texas Self Storage is a family of self storage facilities located conveniently throughout the Dallas and Collin County area.
Inspired by these facts of life in the big city, entrepreneurs have created a new business model for schlep-free self-storage: empty bins and boxes that are delivered for packing and then carried off to a warehouse to be delivered on demand.
Clients have the ability to schedule pickups and deliveries online and can even view photos of their belongings. Similarly, MakeSpace will store up to four smaller, lightweight containers for $25 per month, and $6.25 for each additional bin. We have everything you need, including Boxes, Shipping Containers, Tea Chests and Storage Units in all sizes. We serve all of Blount and Knox Counties and are conveniently located to Maryville, Alcoa, Louisville, and Friendsville, TN. Our friendly, helpful staff will gladly assist you in helping make the storage decision thata€™s right for you! If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of needing Photoshop, sheetrock screws, Liquid Nails, and foam to create this costume, you could just make the head and call it a day, and no one would think less of you!

Feel free to stop by any of our locations and scope out our cardboard boxes… we’d love to help you! We offer residential and commercial storage with great monthly specials and no contracts or administrative fees, ever. Storing large or loose items costs more and retrieval fees (ranging from $20 to $25) are additional.
Scott Sinclair, Box Butler’s chief executive, openly welcomes the competition and feels it will draw more attention to the new business model.
Unfortunately, shortly after moving his belongings there, the fire department declared the makeshift storage a hazard during an inspection. Stop by and one of our friendly property managers would be happy to help you find the perfect box!
To make this adorable popcorn box costume, you can paint the box white, if it’s not already, and then use gaffer tape or red duct tape to make the stripes. Our friendly staff can help you rent a well-maintained, easy-access storage units from 5' x 5' to 10' x 30' at any of our 6 locations!

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