Every single one of the products that we offer, from mezzanine floors, partitioning, suspended ceilings etc, are all constructed with the highest quality materials. Check out some of our previous projects to see some of the work that we’ve carried out in the past. Over the years, self storage companies have being providing the much needed extra space for households and small business owners.
This lack of store space in residential dwellings prompted the storage industry to tap into the space rental business.
A self storage company is in the business of providing safe and secure facilities to its clients. We are committed to fulfilling all your storage needs with quality storage, superior customer service and a conveniant location.
Metal storage buildings are advantageous because of their climate-controlled design options, architectural appeal in commercial applications and simple erection and construction capabilities.
This 20,380 square foot building features our patented Long Bay Roof System, 15x45 tall slide doors, and support levels with boat beams four levels tall. NDS Construction can assist you in self storage site planning, then provide the design and engineering expertise to ensure a high-value project delivered on-time. Pre-engineered buildings are a great option for those who have the expertise to erect self storage buildings at a specific location. From construction site topography to business clientele, site plan and unit mix are key components to kicking off a self storage development. NDS Construction’s metal building erection services give you peace of mind, transferring your notepad sketches into actionable blueprints.

We’ve built a company specifically focused on self storage consulting and development. People who use these companies have an added advantage of being in control of their possession.When we need extra space, many will think of those storage companies with large warehouses on the edge of towns and cities. Utilizing a pre-engineered system gives the owner access to continue to build the storage mini-plex as needed to serve the customer's needs.
Its expertise in site planning, design, value engineering, and timely project completion has garnered an 88% repeat business clientele. From groundbreaking to final walkthrough, we’ll manage contractors, materials, timelines, and more to keep your project on-budget and compliant.
The countless logistics our self storage contractors orchestrate, from subcontractors to budget, ensure that your project is completed on-time and at value.
Factors like space, cost, security, and tenant access become especially important when you consider how your self storage facility will be utilized. We can design a building specifically for your needs, complete with easy-to-read and detailed plans including construction procedures, material listings and more. NDS Construction will ensure your facility is optimized for the most income per square footage, complying with regulatory authorities along the way. Next, we build your project in a cost-efficient and timely manner, using quality self storage materials.
It has been estimated that around 25 million rent-able square feet is used every year in the United Kingdom.
Checkout the unbiased feed backs and comments from real people using these services to help you make better judgment for yourself.Self storage companies are more popular with home movers and small business owners, but students are also among the largest group of people who utilised their services in England and Wales.

For a better user experience, please upgrade your browser to Internet 9 or a more recent version. The flexibility in building size, unit size, and roof profiles gives you a multitude of choices. There are a million things that could go wrong on a metal building project, but for every problem there is a solution. NDS Construction has been testing and refining this process for decades, separating us from the pack. Our material packages are available in a variety of pre-set sizes and styles that can be delivered at any location. PSL are one of the leading self storage construction companies within the UK, with over 15 years experience in the industry and with hundreds of satisfied customers, we definitely could be the right choice for you. This has enabled many people to use their services who wouldn't have used it otherwise.24 hours access is usually a great feature for these companies but other operators charge fees for outside opening hours access.
Most students use it to keep their stuff safe while on holidays from university.Remember many small store companies do provide unique individual customer needs. We can help oversee the whole construction project and will asset with everything from the design to complying with building regulations and much more, which means you will have more time focusing on the business itself whilst we handle everything else. From consulting to value engineering, we lend our expertise so that you can achieve construction success.

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