Self Storage Units - Self Storage Units covers several topics you need to know when it comes to protect your personal or business belongings, check different types of units, self storage for rent, for sale, Associations, even auctions. Storage Units for Rent - Storage Units for Rent has useful tips about self storing, storage warehouses and facilities and how the process works, also links to several online directories for storage units in US, Canada, UK, Australia and Asia. Probably the most obvious consideration that is made when considering the profitability of a storage unit is the average rental vacancies available. Please understand that no financial information will be shared until you have seen this exceptional property first hand.
Nothing Like this, This is the most safe, secure and professional self storage facility in the service area.
By submitting this form, you confirm that you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. For Sale by owner, 70 Unit (4 buildings) on 2 acres with lots of room to add more buildings.

But there is strategic phone selling as well, and it is imperative that site managers recognize opportunities to use it. Ranch Road 620 in Lakeway.LAKEWAY, TEXAS — Muskin Commercial has arranged the sale of 538 units at the All-Ways Storage facility located at 15402 Kollmeyer Drive and 911 N. The site includes 131 climate-controlled and 386 non-climate-controlled units, along with 21 uncovered outside storage parking spaces.
The property sits on three tracts of land with frontage along RR 620.A Maryland-based self-storage company purchased the property. Ellen Muskin and Daniel Elam of Muskin Commercial represented the seller, All-Ways Self Storage LP of Austin, who was the original builder and developer of the property. It is now a very manageable 5 Acers zoned highway commercial with a specific amendment for self storage.
LED lighting has been spread out throughout the property along with state of the art surveillance cameras.

Beyond the storage business this property leases out space and buildings generating extra monthly income. A cell phone tower lease has also been signed adding another $1000.00 per month for 20 years, because of this contact the cell provider will also pay any increases in property taxes. If you are looking to start a self storage business or simply put another dot on the map this is for you.

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